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July 20, 2017

Last weekend the last Hansford County Cook-Off took place on Stavlo’s ranch. This is an event that in 17 years because of the hard work and giving hearts of many people has helped people who were having problems and needed a helping hand. To the tune of $150,000 or so over the 17 years. Yes. Impressive, isn’t it?

What would be more impressive is to count the hours that Paul Stavlo and his helpers spent getting the ranch ready for the event. What is more impressive is the number of people who brought food, wrote checks, played music, and helped make the event fun in addition to being such a fantastic benefit.

Even though it was a Hansford County event, Lannie Wilson and Ken Stonecipher are two Guymonites that helped greatly, almost all the years.

Thank you to Paul and Barbara Stavlo and to Richard and Wanda Wagner who are the ones who led this charge and worked their tails off year after year. These folks are the jewels in the crown. It was a great run and you deserve a bit of a rest.

But in September my daughter is getting married and her reception is going to be at the Stavlo Ranch. So that means Paul will probably working like a maniac again … because he’s just that way.

Friends like Paul and Barbara are to be treasured.

Do you treasure those people in your life?

Are we doing things that make us worth being treasured? Something to think about.

I know some folks who are acting like treasures. The OPSU Football Families. We had a potluck and game night last week with 40 of the OPSU football players and the laughter was abundant. So was the food. What a great group of people. What a great time. A religious person might call the football family program a mission. But I can’t see how a mission could be that much fun.

We have some football boys that would love to have a football family. When you’re that far from home, it’s nice to have someone that comes to your games and has an occasional potluck for you. Call 338-6246 if you want more information on the Football Family program.

Crochet lessons and gathering is still taking place on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 6 at the Main Street Guymon office. Come and join us! We have extra crochet needles and yarn for you. And thank you to the many who have brought us yarn.

On July 26 is an Oklahoma Family Network Kinship meeting at the Main Street Guymon office. These meetings are geared for families who have special needs children and grandchildren. Contact Monica Ronne at 580-651-9700 or Shanda Oden at 580-461-3528 for more information.

Saturday, July 29, is PubFest here on Fifth Street east of Main and Fifth. There is a mile run, live music, hot dog eating contest, free hot dogs from 11 to 2, watermelon eating contest, sand volleyball, turtle races, and domino games. With dominoes there will also be several other games in the Main Street Guymon office starting at 4. Join in the fun!!! Brought to you by The Pub on the Bricks and friends.

That same night is a dance at the No Man’s Land Center, 515 NE 15th, in Guymon with live music provided by Cottonwood. The dance goes from 7 to 10 and you can call 580-338-7216 for more information.

It’s a good time to be here.

See you on the Bricks!

July 17, 2017

Checking personal Facebook messages gets done on occasion by me. Just so happened to do it this morning. And I found this story sent to me by a friend of mine who included, “This reminded me of you.”

So, I read it. And now I’m sharing it.

“Hi! How are you?” The woman smiled as she took the seat beside me. She had to lower herself slowly, squeezing her ample bottom into the seat, filling all available space.

Positioning herself comfortably, she plopped her enormous arm on our common armrest. Her immensity saturated the space around us, shrinking me and my seat into insignificance.

I cringed and reclined towards the window.

She leaned towards me and repeated her greeting in an upbeat, friendly voice. Her face towered above my head, forcing me to turn to look at her. “Hi,” I replied with obvious loathing.

I turned away to stare out the cabin window, sulking silently about the long hours of discomfort I was going to experience with this monster beside me.

She nudged me with her meaty arm. “My name is Laura. I’m from Britain. How about you? Japan?”

“Malaysia,” I barked.

“I’m so sorry! Will you accept my heartfelt apology? Come, shake my hand. If we’re going to spend six hours side-by-side on this flight, we’d better be friends, don’t you think?” A palm waved in front of my face. I shook the hand reluctantly, still silent.

Laura started a conversation with me, taking no notice of my unfriendly reactions. She talked excitedly about herself and her trip to Hong Kong to see her friends. She rattled off a list of things she was going to buy for her students in the boarding school where she was teaching.

I gave her one-word answers to her questions about me. Unperturbed by my coldness, she nodded as she made appreciative comments to my answers. Her voice was warm and caring. She was considerate and obliging when we were served drinks and meals, making sure that I had room to maneuver in my seat. “I don’t want to clobber you with my elephant size!” she said with utmost sincerity.

To my surprise, her face which repulsed me hours before, now opened into extraordinary smiles, lively and calm at the same time. I couldn’t help but let down my guard slowly.

Laura was an interesting conversationalist. She was well read in many subjects from philosophy to science. She turned a seemingly unimportant subject into something to explore and understand. Her comments were humorous and inspirational. When our topic turned to cultures, I was pleasantly surprised by her intelligent comments and well-thought-out analysis.

During our conversation, Laura managed to make every cabin crew who served us walk away laughing at her jokes.

When a flight attendant was clearing our plates, Laura cracked several jokes about her size. The flight attendant roared with laughter as she grabbed Laura’s hand, “You really make my day!”

For the next few minutes, Laura listened attentively and gave pointers to the flight attendant’s weight problem. The grateful attendant said before she rushed off, “I’ve got to work. I’ll come back later and talk to you about it.”

I asked Laura, “‘Have you ever thought about losing some weight?”

“No. I’ve worked hard to get this way. Why would I want to give it up?”

“You aren’t worried about cardiovascular diseases that come with being overweight?”

“Not at all. You only get the diseases if you’re worried about your weight all the time. You see advertisements from slimming centres that say, ‘Liberate yourself from your extra baggage so that you are free to be yourself.’ It’s rubbish! You’re liberated only if you’re comfortable about who you are, and what you look like any time of the day and anytime of the year! Why would I want to waste my time on slimming regimes when I have so many other important things to do and so many people to be friends with? I eat healthily and walk regularly; I’m this size because I am born to be big! There is more to life than worrying about weight all day long.”

She sipped at her wine. “Besides, God gives me so much happiness that I need a bigger body to hold all of it! Why would I lose weight to lose my happiness?” Taken aback by her reasoning, I chuckled.

Laura continued. “Folks often see me as a fat lady with big bosoms, big thighs and a big bottom that no man would even bother to cast a glance at. They see me as a slob. They think I’m lazy and have no willpower. They’re wrong.” She held up her glass to a passing flight attendant. “More of this magnificent wine, please.” She smiled sweetly at the attendant. “Great service from your crew. May God bless all of you.”

She turned to me, “I’m actually a slim person inside. I’m so full of energy that people won’t be able to keep up with me. This extra flesh is here to slow me down, otherwise I’ll be running everywhere chasing after men!”

“Do men chase after you?” I asked jokingly.

“Of course they do. I’m happily married but men still keep proposing to me. Most of them have relationship problems and they need someone to confide in. For some reason, they like to talk to me. I think I should have been a counsellor instead of a school teacher!”

Laura paused before she said thoughtfully, “You know, the relationship between men and women is so complicated. Women worship men and call them, ‘Honey’ until they find out they have been lied to, and then they turn into bitter gourds! Men love women so much that they see them as their soul mates until they look at their credit card bills, and then women become devils with tridents!”

Laura’s enthralling conversation had turned the flight into something thoroughly enjoyable. I was also fascinated by the way people were drawn to her. By the end of the flight, almost half the cabin crew was standing near the aisle by us, laughing and joking with Laura. The passengers around us joined in the merry-making too. Laura was the centre of attention, filling the cabin with delightful warmth.

When we waved goodbye to each other at the arrival lounge at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport, I watched her walking towards a big group of adoring adults and kids. Cheers sounded as the group hugged and kissed Laura. She turned around and winked at me.

I was stunned, as the realization set in: Laura was the most beautiful woman I had ever met in my life.

My friend made my day. I weigh too much and I do need to lose some weight because it is starting to hurt when I shouldn’t hurt, but it doesn’t mean I hate myself.

Make sure you’re friends with who you are, too. The good and the bad.

And I’ll see you on the bricks!

July 12, 2017

To be a friend, according to one definition is a person that you share a bond of affection. People have friends that they’ve grown up with, friends through work, friends they have met through other friends, and some are just gifts God has put in our lives. Those who have many friends usually have a knack for being a friend.

Everyone has different things they look for in friends. One of the main things I want is someone that is interesting to talk to. That means someone who doesn’t always talk about themselves. I found a few other opinions on good conversationalists.

“The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you,” said Katherine Whitehorn.

Gerald Nachman said, “The toughest part of being on a diet is shutting up about it.”

Health topics can be a real yawner. I read this quote, that wasn’t attributed to anyone, “A bore is someone who, when asked how he is, tells you.”

And there are those times when you feel trapped by the person who won’t hush. William Dean Howells says about them, “Some people stay longer in an hour than others do in a month.” I think that’s me sometimes. But I try not to make it a daily habit!

A friend is interested in what is going on with you. Those who are only wanting to talk about themselves want an audience, not a friend.

The person who is honest and dependable, who won’t be talking smack about you when you’re not in the room is a friend. The one who talks smack about you when you’re in the conversation is a fun friend, oftentimes.

There are those who you don’t see that often, but you know they care, that they say a prayer for you some days, and if something was to go wrong, they are likely to walk in the door. It doesn’t matter how you met them, it just matters that you have them. And you’ll keep them if you are willing to do the same for them.

A good friend of mine read something titled, “Sweetness of Friendship” and was kind enough to email it to me. Her simple note said, “Thought of you when I read this. You’ve become one of my most cherished friends.” Someone who does something like that is the sort that makes your life precious. They bring out the best in you and make you able to see life as special.

Here’s what she sent with her email, “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. I have come to the realization that friends are the only true staple in life. More than food, they sustain us as we hike that trail of life, taking the road less traveled, and more than water they quench our thirst, our thirst for living, our thirst for life.”

Be a friend today. It matters … just like it mattered to me when I read what my friend sent me.

Go to the dance at the No Man’s Land Center on July 15. You might find a new friend that evening! Twelve Gauge is playing their country and western tunes for the dance that goes from 7 to 10 pm. Call 338-7216 if you have questions.

If you know of someone that has a Special Needs child or grandchild, be sure to tell them about the monthly support meeting on July 17 that starts at 6 pm in the Main Street Guymon office.

And if you’re wanting to meet new friends or have some visit time while doing something for others, come and crochet (there’s a teacher if you don’t know how) at the Main Street Guymon office on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in July from 5 to 6 pm. Bring your own crochet project or come and use the donated yarn and make a lap robe for someone in the nursing home.

It’s all good.

See you on the bricks!

July 6, 2017

Food is interesting. Some people are so finicky in their eating habits, others are just hearty. The Football Families are going to be having a potluck on July 16 for 40 OPSU football players and if you like having your cooking appreciated, you should join us. Nothing like feeding fellows who don’t have a car, don’t have a cafeteria, and live in Goodwell while they’re working out hard … burning lots of calories. They can decimate a buffet.

Recently read in the Rotarian magazine that “Five portions of fruit and vegetables are great for your health, but 10 a day are even better. Imperial College London scientists analyzed 95 studies and confirmed that the five – a – day recommendation reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. But if people doubled that intake, an estimated 7.8 premature deaths worldwide could potentially be prevented each year. One small banana or three heaping tablespoons of cooked vegetables count as a portion.”

No expert here, but I don’t think French fries really count on this. But the veggies at the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings do! Come by and get some of the best fresh produce in the world. Vendors are ready to sell at 8 am and stay until 11 or until they sell out. The market is in front of the Texas County Courthouse, 4th and Main, in Guymon.

Sign in a restaurant window, “Come in, or we’ll both starve.” Now that’s funny.

Play Days for kids who love riding horses are happening at L&M Arena on July 12, 18, and 26. Call Mike or Lori Shannon at 580-654-0855 for more information. They’re even fun to just go watch.

Crochet for Charity and free crochet lessons (yarn and needle are free, too) start on July 11 and happen every Tuesday and Thursday in July after that from 5 – 6 pm. Bring your crochet project and join or come and learn how to crochet or help crochet lap robes for the nursing home. This all happens at the Main Street Guymon office, 116 NE 5th Street. Thanks so much to those who have donated yarn and needles.

The OPSU Belly Open golf tournament is this weekend. Good luck to all those who are supporting OPSU and swinging their clubs at this event.

The Ready Group meets on Sat., July 8, at 9:30 am in the First Christian Church.

That same evening is an Open Mic Night at the Guymon Community Theatre beginning at 6 pm. All are welcome to come!

And on July 15 is a country and western dance at the Senior Citizens Center, 515 NE 15th, in Guymon with 12 Gauge playing. Everyone is invited to be there!

Enjoy your time under the sun and on the bricks!