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Monthly Archives: February 2014

February 21, 2014

There are times that a person is just overwhelmed by the kindness and care others show them. This week is one of those weeks.

The Main Street Guymon Awards Evening took place on Tuesday and as I sat there and looked at the people sitting at the tables, I was humbled. There are folks who are continually doing good things for others, who are taking care of their business without complaining, and stepping up over and over to make Guymon a better place to be. Most of them are involved in Main Street projects, but many of them are working outside of our projects. But they’re working. And we’re all benefitting.

The Shutterbugs sat together and visiting, fiddling with their cameras and they made me smile. Cripes, Arlene Winfrey always makes me smile. She’s a hoot.

Brown and Associates people had dressed up in the jungle theme and just added great to the evening.

A bunch of the mobsters were there. Love seeing them. Love shopping with them. Love how they put into action “shop local.” They’re fun.

Very deserving people received awards. Other deserving ones didn’t, but I bet they will sometime or in some other way. Or maybe just being a doer is award enough for them.

One of the groups that didn’t receive an award, but who are so deserving of accolades is the Alma Folklorica Dancers. The day before they came in and decorated. They did it in less than two hours. How is it that high school kids give their time and energy to help like that? Then they tore down. Yes, I sat in my chair and talked with out – of – town guests while the Alma and some other volunteers tore down the decorations. They even made sure they went to the right places. It took them about 30 minutes. No kidding.

A former Alma dancer also bought a ticket and came … and stayed and tore down. Yes, the Alma buy tickets to the banquet. And they work and work and work. They are a smooth working machine.

Teri Mora, you are doing a wonderful job in teaching the Alma how to be better people and better citizens in addition to being better dancers. I love you for it and I am blessed every time I get to work with you guys. And every time I see a grown Alma and get a hug from them. You guys enrich my life and I believe you do many others, too.

I loved our Jungle Party on Tuesday night. And I love and appreciate all of you who took the time to come out and support Main Street and it’s projects. Thank you for loving your town and caring.

By the way, Virgil Gibson cooked mango / almond slaw, sweet chili cucumber seaweed salad, fried plaintains, teriyaki chicken on a bed of monkey brains and wrapped in a banana leaf, crab stuffed zucchini, Jamaican pigeon peas and rice, potato rolls, coconut cupcakes with banana ginger filling. It was a jungle paradise!

To each and every one of you, may the rains sweep gentle across your fields. May the sun warm the land. May every good seed you have planted bear fruit. And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty.

See you on the bricks!

February 14, 2014

The first Eggs and Issues was held at the Ambassador Restaurant. These are a great opportunity to learn more of what is happening downstate at the Capitol. Usually our senator and representative come and give an update. It is also a time you can ask questions and air concerns. How much more effective is that than the complaining at the coffee shop or beauty shop or wherever else we all go to whine?

Not only do you have a chance to do all those great things at this Chamber activity, but a full breakfast is also provided. The first meeting Apollo MedFlight sponsored the food. They are an air ambulance provider that is based in Guymon. They have the fastest medical flight care available in the area with a medical crew, pilot and plan located here in our own town.

“Apollo has invested in the community programs that are important to the area such as Eggs and Issues,” says Program Director Brandon Leasure. You can learn more about them at

Something fun that is coming up in the community is a gathering of oral histories from regional cowboys. We need some to help do the interviews. You don’t have to be a professional, just someone interested and willing. There is a training for interviewers on Fri., Mar. 7, from 4 to 5 pm at the Main Street Guymon office, 116 NE 5th Street. Call 338-6246 if you have questions.

Recently at a training it was taught that for children they need six positive interactions (ie. “Good job”) for one negative. While the trainer said this, I thought to myself that it is the same for an adult. Realizing that what we say is a negative or a positive and paying attention to how many you say has been rather enlightening for me. Judge your words. See how you come out on that. And telling someone what they should do is not a positive. I promise. Might be our intention, but it does not go on the positive side. So, me telling you to go to Eggs and Issues does not count. Darn.

They also said kids need you to be safe, be kind, be honest, be respectful, and be responsible. Once again, I think these are great goals and not just for the kids around us, but also for the adults. We fail over and over. But we need to pick ourselves up and improve. Let’s all improve this week!

You also have a chance to improve your photography skills with a Digital Photography class being offered through the OPSU Guymon Classroom. My printout doesn’t show all the dates, but the first day is Feb. 25. You can call OPSU Guymon Classroom at 338-1380 for more information.

And let this Irish blessing follow you as you are on the bricks: May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.

February 13, 2014

Appreciate. We should never be too tired, too busy, or too into ourselves to not appreciate all the good things around us. That doesn’t mean that you don’t know and see some not so good things, but we need to emphasize the good over the bad.

Recently a girl came over to the house to visit with the little girl staying with me. I heard my little girl ask her, “Want to see my new shirts?” We need to enjoy when we have something. Don’t just expect them, enjoy them. Appreciate them.

Had a visitor in my office and the conversation turned to Mark Wescoatt and his work with the Burmese folks. The visitor said, “He works his tail off …” You have to appreciate those that give and give for the betterment of others.

Another person came by and was talking about how good of a guy Jim Quimby is. He and his wife do so much for the community. Yes, some of it is probably considered part of their job, but they go waaaaay beyond that. And, as she said, “He’s just such a nice guy …..”

Oh, wow, start thinking about those we should appreciate and Gail Parsley is another that is so underappreciated. Her work (and I know she always talks about her volunteers doing so much, too) at Loaves and Fishes is amazing and wonderful.

Then there are those business owners that are jewels when you’re planning something. I can’t say enough good about partnering with Dave and Michael Davis at the Pub. And I love how they tell you just what they think, so there isn’t any pussy footing around and no complaining when you leave the room. For Michael he just complains to pick on me. It’s all in fun. Or I think it is.

I appreciate all the Cash Mobbers and Mystery Shoppers and other volunteers at Main Street Guymon. What a fabulous group of people! And they’re not doing it to get a pat on the back, they’re just helping. God bless each and every one of you guys.

Arlene Winfrey makes a meeting fun and she gathers folks around and has them all having fun before they know what’s happened! I love people who have this gift. I appreciate Arlene and I know I’m not the only one.

This week I saw Mary Blagg. Holy Toledo, what a sweet person she is. She makes me just feel all good inside because she has enough nice to share. There are not enough people like Mary.

Tom Davis walked in to my office this week. We talked about what he needed to know with an event in May and then he got to hear what I had to share. I treated him like a therapist. “We’ll put that in our prayers, Melyn.” And I believe he and Nancy have. And if I was God, I would pay attention to what they said!

We recently filmed another “On the Bricks” TV show and I think about all those that have come in and helped by being on it. So many of them were uncomfortable, but they still did it. Showed up on time and took part. Great people, every one of them. And Shawn Barbaree with PTCI is so patient with us! Sometimes he raises his eyebrows, especially when Jada Breeden and I start our bantering back and forth. More of those great folks to work with.

So who do you appreciate?

Who always has a smile? Who seems to show up when you need someone? Who is the one that is so dependable and happy that they just get forgotten sometimes? What do you have that you have been taking for granted and not given a thought to how wonderful it is that you have it?

Remember them today. Appreciate them.

And do something for someone to be appreciated. Sounds easy and can be, but if you’re not in the habit, it can be daunting. We can all do a better job of it!

I appreciate the Guymon Daily Herald for putting up with me on having this column.

I appreciate those of you who take the time to read it.

Know you’re a hero today.

And I’ll see you on the bricks!