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Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 30, 2014

The Guymon Daily Herald Readers Choice gave Main Street Guymon the Best Service Club. From our Main Street members, board of directors, and volunteers we want to say, “Thank you. We are honored.” To be viewed as a service organization is the highest compliment.

Keep helping us help. Main Street Guymon is made up of so many people … and we want you to be included! And especially thank you to those who pay their membership dues that help us provide our services and programs. The three largest supporters are City of Guymon Convention and Tourism, Bank of the Panhandle, and City National Bank. Special thanks to them … and to all others who assist! Every member is from Texas County and most have a business … they matter to us.

In fact, a bunch of our Main Street members got Readers Choice awards including Bank of the Panhandle, Brown and Associates Insurance, City National Bank, Chris Urias Photography, Custom Comfort, Dr. Manny Barias, Dizzy Bs, Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma, Harana MedSpa, Hitch Enterprises, Merle Norman, PTCI, Panhandle Pest Control, Pub on the Bricks, Reid’s Furniture, SPC, Urban Bru, Wirtz Lumber, and YMCA. And Main Street volunteers who were named in the Readers Choice include Dianna Brown, Elgie Davis, Leita Andvik and our wonderful Main Street Transformer Brayden Lehew. Proud of you all!

Talking to a friend of mine the other day who used to be a car salesman. When someone would come in asking for a donation, he would ask them where they bought their car. So often the cars were purchased out of town. He would then tell them that he would match whatever donation the company they purchased their car from donated. Nobody ever came back.

Remember. Support those who support you, your community, and your children. Give the first chance to the ones that hire your nephew, your neighbors, your friends. Care that they care. Or pay for your kids prom party yourself. Buy their baseball shirts yourself. Sponsor events yourself. Buy a yearbook ad for one of those stores you shop out of town. Get a reality check.

I’m a fat lady. I understand very well the need to purchase some things out of town. There isn’t a lot of choice for fat lady clothing in Guymon. So be it. Then I will get it elsewhere. But if it’s here … give our local businesses a chance. Likely they will treat you better and remember a lot longer that you shopped with them. Service is worth a lot.

And if the service is poor, give them a chance by telling them you are disappointed. And I don’t mean on facebook with some rant. I mean face to face. Communicate. Maybe they will improve. Maybe you will be more understanding.

This is a holiday week. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit family and friends, relax, or have a nice little trip. Whatever you’re doing this holiday weekend, savor it. Enjoy every moment.

And enjoy the Guymon Farmers Market that begins the first Saturday in July! It is going to be a great market this year. See us in front of the Texas County Courthouse at 4th and Main starting at 8 am until the goodies sell out.

God bless America!

See you on the bricks.

June 24, 2014

One evening recently I had to make a decision as to whether to go to my grandson’s baseball game, attend the fun looking art evening at the Urban Bru, or attend a concert in Texhoma. As I drove to the concert I thought about the less than adventurous folks that say there is nothing to do here. Fact is, I think there just isn’t anything that THEY want to do … because they don’t much like doing anything. And they certainly aren’t out putting an activity together themselves that they would like to go to.

Del Shields sang at the concert and it was good country and western music. Some were oldies, some were new, and some he wrote himself. I think I shocked my daughter when I told her one song was by “Song James and the Southern Gentlemen. Sort of shocked me that I knew, too. There wasn’t a large number at this concert, but those that attended had a good time. Kudos to the Texhoma Chamber for putting it on. You can’t do anything but try.

Maybe those that didn’t attend were off on their cell phone talking about how there wasn’t anything to do around here …..

Speaking of cell phones, I recently attended a meeting where there were about ten people from the Oklahoma Department of Health asking our opinions on how the Health Department can better serve us and help us to be healthier. If you have some suggestions, an opinion, or such, there is an online survey you can take. I thought the questions they asked were a little lame, so I just said what I wanted regardless of the question. You do what you have to do.

The funny part about the online survey is that they gave a website while at the meeting for the survey and I couldn’t find the survey with the address they gave. Had to contact Kayla McCarter about where to REALLY find it. They need to have making your website workable as a suggestion! Or giving out good information.

Well, back to the cell phone story.

Teri Mora and her Upward Bound students saved us from embarrassment. They sent a large group to the health meeting and those darn kids were awesome. They sat still and listened. They participated in the discussion. They were interested. And they never took out a cell phone and texted during the meeting. I later found out that they had their cell phone confiscated by TeriMora. Good job. During one little bit of boring information, I reached down to get my phone and then stopped. If teenagers could be polite the entire time, I figured I should be able to, too.

Thanks to those who attended the meeting. Guymon looked great. I only attended because Kayla McCarter cared whether people were there … and she attends meetings and activities I have. She is what I call a great working partner. She understands about giving so you receive. I just shake my head and roll my eyes when I’m invited to things by people who never attend any Main Street activities. Really? I’m going to break my neck to help them? Yeah, it doesn’t happen all that often. There are too many people who do help that I’m much more interested in.

Anyway, here is the address to go on the web and give your statements about the Health Department … Look at the top of the page and click “Take the online survey.”

Those Upward Bound students have been working doing more than going to health meetings. They work hard twice a week and spend just over an hour on community service. They’ve done alley clean up, planting flowers, pulling weeds, working at Loaves and Fisches, and so much more. There are also some of them job shadowing. I thoroughly enjoy them. TeriMora is doing a good job of teaching them about being better citizens.

Lots to do on the bricks! See you there.

June 23, 2014

Dale Carnegie is well known for his classes that teach you to be a better something. Not sure what, but better. He has a great quote to start this day, “Today is life – the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.”

Makes sense to me.

And if you’re busy doing things then you’ll have a more interesting conversation. I am flat tired of hearing people tell me how wonderful (or awful) their kids are, how they aren’t feeling well (too much time on your hands if you’re wallowing in pity), and how you don’t like politicians / umpires / coaches / your kid’s teachers / what is happening on your television show. *yawn* Can you see me looking for the door? See the twitch going at the side of my eye? That is brought on by boorish people. I feel I must fight to not be pulled down into that rut.

This week alone there are these activities going on:

  • Christian Concert by Aura, June 25 at the Guymon Junior High Auditorium at 6:30 pm, free admission.
  • Healthy Moment at the YMCA (for everyone) from 5 – 6 pm and you have a chance to win $100 … and several other things! That’s on June. 26.
  • Art Camp for 4 – 18 year olds (different times for different ages) is June 26 and 27 at Wild Horse Art Gallery. Then on the 28th are for those 17 years old and up. Yvonne Sangster is the instructor. Call 338-4278 for more information and prices.
  • PTCI’s Summer Jam on June 28 from 8 am to 3 pm at 2222 NW Hwy 64 with free food, prizes, live music, drinks, bounce house, and much more!
  • Taco Dinner and Bingo Evening fundraiser for Main Street Guymon, at Sr. Citizens Center, June 30 starting at 5:30 pm.

Those are upcoming events that could be a lot of fun.

How about doing something that improves your skills and talents?

  • Free Spanish and English classes are offered at the Church of Latter Day Saints, 5402 N. Memorial Drive (north of the cemetery) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm.
  • The Ready Group’s primary goal is to provide education and social time for those who have lost a spouse or find themselves single. They have an educational program each month on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:30 am. The meeting and brunch take place at the First Christian Church, 8th and Quinn (enter through the glass door on the north). All are welcome.
  • Improve your speaking skills (isn’t anyone that won’t benefit from this) by attending a Toastmasters group. There are two and they meet Thursday mornings at 6:30 at Ambassador Inn Restaurant or the other group that meets Tuesday evenings at Main Street Guymon office at 7 pm. You’ll be a better salesperson, teacher, administrator / manager when your presentations skills improve.
  • Learn how to play the wonderful card game of Bridge every Thursday night in the First Christian Church, 802 N Quinn, at 7 pm. All welcome!

We are all better humans when we continue to improve in some way.

Find something that fills you with enthusiasm. Volunteer. Be a Pink Lady or Pink Fellow at the hospital. Work out at the YMCA. Plant some flowers and take care of them. Clean a closet and give some things away to people that will use them. Make a scrapbook of your favorite trip with the scrapbookers. Play cards or board games with friends or neighbors or kids who need a little attention.

“Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars,” said Henry Ford. “Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the wring in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.”

Join one of the Lions Clubs or Rotary. They need you. If you act decent, or almost decent, they want you. Step out! Get moving.

Take a walk. Go buy a gift for someone who isn’t expecting it.

See you on the bricks with enthusiasm!

June 16, 2014

An eventful weekend has passed. So many fun things to participate in …

Liz McCullough had a birthday. Lisa Johnson threw a birthday party in her back yard for Liz that was a Prom. Sort of a Prom for Old People. A prom where everyone had fun. A prom where there was little angst about what others thought of you and more enjoyment in who all was there. Many found old prom dresses from years and years ago to wear. The most common accessory in the photos were smiles.

Lisa worked hard to get it done. She cleaned (before and after), decorated (and many friends helped some), and planned and organized and a wonderful evening ensued. But the fact of the matter is, it happened because Lisa worked her hind end off.

Maya Angelou is Lisa’s favorite poet and Angelou once said, “Nothing will work unless you do.” Lisa works and we all benefit.

“Every man’s work,” said Samuel Butler, “whether it be literature, or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.” Lisa’s portrait is one that shows energy and fun and love.

What is our portrait?

Think along the lines of Sam Ewing (whomever he might be), “Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” Which describes you? Me?

Also on Saturday my friends Mark and Vicki Freeman had a barbecue wedding shower for Pete Dahl and his intended, Brandi. That’s where I was, rather than at the Prom. Here again is someone that cleans and plans and makes ready to have a large number of people disrupt their home … for another person. Although Vicki and Lisa don’t really seem much alike (Lisa is loud, Vicki isn’t; Lisa is opinionated, Vicki keeps her opinions to herself), they both have a ready smile and an open heart to do nice things for people.

It was a great shower. Lots of people brought food and lots of happiness was around. Happy is contagious, have you noticed?

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity,” according to Bo Bennett. He must have known someone like Vicki.

Greta Garbo once commented, “Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.”

Larry Carter and associates held a Cookout Benefit for Sophia Rose and her family. Talk about a smile! That Sophia Rose has the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. Well, except when she saw me. She cried then. For only being alive for six months, this little girl who didn’t have a very good chance for life, has turned the world inside out. When you see her you realize that your problems are not problems, they are momentary challenges. When you watch her family with her you realize that the things most important are right there with us and we should not lose that focus … our friends and family. She puts a proper perspective, in a really happy way, on life.

In between goals is a thing called life that is to be lived and enjoyed.

At church on Sunday we had a pot luck dinner. I have to admit, those folks in Oslo are such great cooks. The church service wraps me up in a hug, the people I get to see all smile and make my world a better place, and then to follow that with the delicious pot luck is beyond wonderful. If you aren’t going to church, find one that makes your life better. If none of them makes you happy, then I’m thinking the common denominator is you that is not happy. Work on that. That being yourself.

Start with a smile for others.

Then follow with doing something for others … like a Prom birthday party for a friend or a barbecue shower or just a nice lunch, maybe. Work on making yourself a happier person, one that is more enjoyable to be around … one that happiness rubs off on other people by being around you.

Sometime I need to tell you about the Mentoring Workshop that Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence held here in Guymon last week. Great ideas for helping. Great ideas that make us better people.

Remember “if you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.” That’s according to Norman Vincent Peale.

See you on the bricks with zest and enthusiasm.

June 9, 2014

Sitting in a meeting while a very nice older talks on and on … and on. Does he really think I care where they were when they had the conversation he is telling about? Does he really feel we want to hear his analysis on why they chose these specific books? *sigh*

But since the man is so nice everyone sits here as politely as possible. One person even looks interested. Actually we would all like to be leaving the meeting. It is 3 pm and we’ve been here since 9 am.

My nice button has stalled. My eyes want to roll. My foot is tapping. Rude is just around the corner. I should try for a nap and I won’t embarrass myself so badly.

Possibly, with intense focus, I can take my mind elsewhere.

First, I think about my business neighbors. Julie Perkins and Roger McKinnon knew we were having company and brought plants and planted them in the Main Street planters. They’re nice. Then Roger came by last week and told me that I would need to water my plants sufficiently because he was going on vacation. Roger keeps an eye out and when my plants start coughing dust, he waters them.

Good neighbors. That is something nice to think about.

Vonda Wilkins is another neighbor. Sometimes she walks in my office, sees the trash is overflowing and hauls it out to the dumpster. How good is that?

Dave Davis is out in the early mornings weed eating the plants that have grown up around. Another great neighbor.

How lucky am I? Lucky enough to have great neighbors, but not lucky enough to be finished with this meeting.

I am beginning to feel my hemorrhoids growing. It’s been a long time in this chair. And I’m pretty sure listening to boring people makes them worse.

Ah, time to recall a card I recently purchased, “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Hmmm, I obviously didn’t read that card often enough.

Here’s another one I got, “Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. (Mary Anne Radmacher).” Listen hard.

There are times we just aren’t ready to be inspired. Or is it just me?

The happy ending to the story is that soon the man stopped talking. I wasn’t rude to him. We can still be friends if the occasion arises. The meeting actually got out early and even though it lasted a long time, I did learn from it. But there are those of us that know so little that it is not difficult for us to learn something from almost anyone.

And my hemorrhoids are fine.

Knew you were worried.

See you on the bricks!

June 3, 2014

John Board is not retired. But I wrote such a thing in a press release that the newspaper was kind enough to run on the front page. And the press release was about John Board being kind enough to be the first speaker in our Wit and Wisdom Evening Series, a Main Street fund raiser. So, if all these people hadn’t been so nice, there wouldn’t be a problem. Or if I had been smarter there wouldn’t be a problem.

It is not a good thing to have on the front page of the paper that you’ve retired when you’re still working and enjoy having clients walk in your door. Shees. Sometimes I think I just need to smack myself right over the head. Often times I do.

Thank goodness John Board is nice and not hateful and thank goodness the newspaper is so willing to be helpful for my error.

Now, would you be nice enough to spread the word … John Board is not retired. In fact, you should come to the Wit and Wisdom Evening Series and just hear him! That is happening on June 30th starting at 5:30 pm and the evening meal is catered by Virgil Gibson.

Thank goodness I hadn’t said in the press release that Virgil had gone off and was now in a soap opera.

He really did that, you know? He played a doctor on a soap opera at some point in his life. But not recently.

Anyway, there are only 36 tickets for sale for John Boards evening, so be sure and come and get yours for $20. It will be fun. If I can just quit making stupid errors. I promise I’ll work on it.

After having the morning where this mistake came to light, I took an early lunch with my book and hibernated at the restaurant Vallarta. Great food. Great book. Quiet. And as I was walking out, someone made some very nice comments to me about me. There are so many nice people around.

And it because quite apparent to me … even though we make irritating mistakes, we just have to keep doing the best we can. My host father told me one time the only people who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t do anything. I am sure of that. But I also think that there are times that I am much more prone to the idiot mode.

But life is life. And we can’t let these things tighten our colon. Some people have real problems.

Oh, and there are also some other great things. The book I was reading today at lunch (and finished) is Sweet Dreams by Carla Stewart. I loved the book. The author grew up around here. That makes the book even better. And it is a book that doesn’t even have parts in it that would embarrass you if your mother read it. Or a cover that is tacky enough it makes you not want to take it in to the doctors office while you sit for four hours.

Carla has a new book out and I believe she’s coming to Guymon soon for a book signing on that book. You can look it all up on Be sure to go. It’s just plain fun. And it is a good thing to tell someone they did a good job.

The Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team (that’s professional basketball for those who are unaware) season is over. They made it to the finals of the Western Conference, but then they lost in overtime. Their season is not one to be ashamed of or to speak badly of, if you have half a brain. Only four teams made it that far and they aren’t one of the two teams to make it to the finals. But I’m still proud of them. They’re winners in my books.

And now I shall take my Thunder Up pride and cheer on the San Antonio Spurs. We can do that, you know. We can just enjoy the whole darn season, if we want to. I want to.

The last Thunder game, I actually go to attend. Now that’s cool. Well, I was pretty hot from screaming and standing and clapping and all that … but the BEST part of the game? That’s the fact that I got to sit by a college basketball player (yes, one who actually knows and loves the game through and through) who was attending his first NBA game. It is like when you take a kid to the zoo for the first time, or when a kid rides their bike for the first time … it’s great. Wow. Life has some real gems there for us if we are brave enough to step out, share our life, and enjoy.

This is a good week to step out and share. Let’s do it.

S you on the bricks!