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Monthly Archives: August 2018

August 29, 2018

This is one of those days where I should protect the public and send myself home early. Some days I just don’t like people. Any. Of. Them.

The problem isn’t “those people.” The problem is my attitude. And it is a problem that is my responsibility to fix.

Isn’t it great to live in a place where we have first world problems like that? To have a life that isn’t overshadowed by starvation, homelessness, and disease is a good thing.

So, all those complaints because someone said something that hurt your feelings, or your manicure wasn’t just like you wanted, or the shoes you wanted weren’t on sale … remember, these are things that really don’t matter. Our feelings are usually too sensitive. Most people, unless they have a really bad attitude all the time, don’t mean to hurt your feelings. Some things just happen.

Ok. I’m better now.

Talked myself out of that attitude.

Mandy Hale said, “A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.” Good words.

September is here. There are lots of good things happening in Guymon in September.

The first day of the month is the first home football game for OPSU at 6 pm. It is going to be a great day. And some of the new Aggie Families will be meeting their Aggie that evening. That is a little scary. “Will he like us?” “Will we like him?” When the fact is, I bet they’ll all be fine. If not, just don’t answer their texts. See. First world problem. Solved.

The Salsa Showdown, part of the Meet Me at the Market events is on Sept. 8. That will be fun to see who can hold the title of Best Salsa Maker and take home the big bucks. There is nothing better than the Farmers Market. And in September there is more produce and cooler mornings during the markets, which go from 8 am to noon in front of the Texas County Courthouse on 4th and Main. PTCI has the Salsa Showdown under control. They’re wonderful Main Street Guymon members! Registration is at 9 am; Judging and Tasting is at 10 am; and awards are given out at 10:30. Come and join in the fun.

That morning, from 9 – 1, is the Delphinium Garden Club Tour. Tickets are $5. Go by Brown and Associates Insurance for an advance ticket.

That day, the 8th, is also the OPSU Pink Out Volleyball game.

Sun., Sept. 9, is when socks donations are taken and packed for local groups that need socks. Help with the packing at the First Christian Church from 2 – 4 pm. You can drop your socks off at Charles White Insurance or Brown and Associates Insurance.

And I am looking forward to the BOP Breakfast and Business: When Quick Books Isn’t Quick at the Bank of the Panhandle, 12th and Main, from 8 – 9 am. You do not need to be a BOP customer to attend the free class. This all happens on Sept. 11.

And Main Street Guymon’s Career Focus starts on Sept. 14. We only have one opening left. Should it be you in this professional development class? If you want to know more, call Melyn at 580-338-6246.

The BeYoutiful Women of Lifeway present their Moving Forward Women’s Conference on Sept. 15 from 9 am to 3 pm. The cost is $20 per person and that covers registration, breakfast and lunch. It is being held at the Methodist Church, 523 N. Roosevelt. You can see what is planned at

Lots of fun. Lots of opportunities. Hope to see you there!

See you on the bricks!

August 18, 2018

Farmers Market mornings are the best. This week Brown and Associates sponsored the Turtles and Toads Race as the Meet Me at the Market Event. Charles White brought the most turtles, one a really tiny one that could have gotten lost in the sidewalk crack if officials hadn’t been really watching. He said that the Oaks boys were there and they’re really stiff competition. We were wondering if they have a hidden Turtle Training Facility. With the Market Race and the Fair Race the same day, turtle racing could be on the way towards being a lucrative business.
Other highlights of today’s market, outside of the gorgeous weather and awesome conversation, included the homemade doggie treat from Flat Broke Farms. We’re talking that those need to be part of the prizes for next year’s Pet Parade.

Ben Helms also brought some great homemade wooden tops. That’s just fun. Nothing but fun. And he made some wooden writing pens that were a great conversation piece. I also saw Gloria Grice and she has some western books I may get from her for my dad.
The Farmers Market is just a treasure trove to be explored every Saturday morning. You should come down there sometime between 8 and 11 on Saturday mornings in July, August, and September. Besides the produce and honey being homegrown and local, it’s also healthy and tastes better!

Saturday is the Community Garage Sale as the Meet Me at the Market event. No charge for those who want to set up a table and sell some treasures. Limit to one table per person and you’re required to bring your own table, change, and whatever else you’ll need. Set up on the north sidewalk of the Courthouse and don’t go on to the grass. We would love to have you there. This is great for those who don’t have enough “stuff” for their own full sale or who live out of town. If there are more tables than sidewalk, we’ll move on over to the parking lot east of the courthouse. That’s on August 25. Come and be a part as a seller and / or a buyer!

Then will be the PTCI Salsa Showdown on Sept. 8, Beautiful Baby Contest on Sept. 15, Beard Contest on Sept. 22, and Pumpkin Rolling and Pumpkin Roll Contests on Sept. 29. Someone be sure to tell Adam Garrison about the beard contest! It only takes three seconds of courage to do anything. Get your three seconds and step out there for one of these Meet Me at the Market Contests.

Along the lines of treasures, check out the TCEC Co-Op Connections where you can get special deals from local businesses. Look them up at Our Main Street businesses have a good showing in there. Check out Advanced Water Solutions, All Fired Up Gallery, Apollo MedFlight, Bank of the Panhandle, Beau and Beast Hair Care, By His Hands, Dancer’s Wine and Liquor, Dizzy B’s Corner Mart, Golden Crown, Harana MedSpa, Lumber Mart, Merle Norman, PTCI, SPC WOW Boutique, YMCA, The Willows B & B, Urban Bru, Verizon, and Whispering Bliss Boutique. Get some deals … and maybe you can start early on your Christmas List.

Consider signing up for the Margaritas and Memories Craft for a Cause by Bank of the Panhandle. This Aug. 13 craft is painting a cactus between margarita sips and the cost is $35 per person. The great part is that the cause this time is Main Street Guymon’s Fiesta! We LOVE our Main Street supporters and can’t wait to see you that evening at the Pub on the Bricks at 6:30 pm. RSVP to 580-568-3580.

Let’s close by sharing the Dandelion Principal. “Some see a weed, some see a wish.” Go forth this month and may it be filled with wishes.

See you on the bricks!

August 16, 2018

Having daughters who are usually right and not afraid to give their opinion can be a bit of a pain. How often do I hear from mom, and daughters … there is only so much advice you can stomach gracefully. But daughter Lisa recently posted this on facebook and I think it is something we all need to hear. Often. So, I’m going to let you share the getting advise from Lisa moment.

“Yes, I do some photography and enjoy the fun and challenge it brings me,” said Lisa. “Capturing people in their element, with their loved ones or individual portrait looks; I love the test of each and every different situation. The reward of a happy client is the best because in a short time I get to capture moments that will be around for a lifetime.

“With that said, this post does not have to do with wanting to book more sessions but more to maybe make you stop and think.

“I want to concentrate on you whom want family pictures but ‘don’t like how you look’ or ‘need to lose 10 lbs’ or ‘can’t find the time’.

“I hear this all the time and it saddens me.

“In a world that is all about us, this may not be about you. This just might be about your kids. This just might be about leaving something behind that sparks memories. This just might be something your great grands will look at and know who you are/were and know that you are what your family is and was built on. This might not be about you feeling like your arms are too flabby or your waistline isn’t what it once was, but instead about the hands you will be holding and who those arms are wrapped around. It is about the smiles and the laughs and the moment in time that a simple shutter capsulates.

“Contrary to millennial belief, you don’t even have to put them all over social media, they can be yours and only yours although it is fun to show off your hard work, you did make this family.

“After all, we are our own worst critic. Our gaze goes to what we don’t like about ourselves while others go to the beauty, the smiles, the happiness. Please remember that.

“I read on social media yesterday, ‘you believed in Santa Clause for 8 years, why can you not believe in yourself for five minutes?’ I liked it, it made me stop and think. Ode to being a child that believes in fairy tales and can confidently run around in a swim suit all Summer long. Let’s go back to that, when judgement hasn’t even been developed.

“Moms, step out from behind the camera when you can. Hug your family and preserve it; there’s no excuse these days, there’s a camera in every back pocket, purse, or hand.

“I do urge you to stop and think; remember how beautiful life, family and you are. I am here to remind you that someday when you are gone, when pictures and memories remain, your children will never look at them and think, ‘mom should have lost 10 pounds before we took these.’ I urge you to have some professional photos taken; there’s just something fun about it, the process and the result. I also urge you to take more meaningful photos with your camera and then print them; it is a thing of the past and I fear all of these amazing moments of the 2000’s captured on a phone will in fact be lost someday.

“I will attach one of my not so favorite wedding photos because I assure you what I don’t like about me in it isn’t anything you even see. Funny how the brain works right? Thanks for listening.”

Can’t say it any better than Lisa Johnson Schulz has.

See you on the bricks … taking pics!!!!

August 11, 2018

All too often we have no clue the impact something we say or do has on other people. Our egos would get inflated if we knew about all the good things that happen. Because God really deserves the credit. So, we just rock along without a clue most of the time. I know that’s the truth for me.

A few days ago, my daughter wrote something and posted it that talked about how you should always go to the funeral. She had just been to a funeral in Gruver for a man she admired who was in his 90s in age. She usually does the right thing and once again she did, and she went to the funeral.

Her mama isn’t nearly as nice, nor as tough. I have selfishly missed funerals and weddings and showers for 58 years.

But I read Lisa’s words and on Saturday I attended a funeral for a little baby, the daughter of one of my favorite people. My favorite person is someone who is a good person, a kind person, and a responsible person. He helps people at work and after work. He deserves the good life. But Saturday he and his wife buried their very young daughter before they ever heard her say a word, before they ever saw her crawl.

I realize life isn’t fair. But sometimes it still surprises me. And it still can make me angry. Good people can have bad things happen to them.

But we learn that life goes on. In time it is easier to handle. Our body still makes us breathe. I don’t believe anyone can fully understand what they’re going through unless they’ve been there. But, as the priest said in the sermon, we can have compassion for them.

May there be someone in each and every one of your lives when you need to have someone “at the funeral” and may it be someone who has the compassion that your heart and soul needs. And go to the funeral. Because you may be one of the people needed.

Be silent for a moment and think of those who are going through difficult times. Take a deep breath and give thanks for all we have that is good. And work to be compassionate for those who are hurting.

See you on the bricks.