Board Members

The Main Street Guymon Board of Directors is elected at the February Annual Awards Evening and the slate of nominations presented that evening is comprised of Main Street volunteers who have consented to serve.  We are proud that there are always more volunteers wanting to serve than positions … and every person on the slate would be, we feel, an excellent board member.  Thank you to all who have served over the years on our board. 

The current board members include:

  • Kim Smith (Chairman), individual
  • Charles White (Vice-Chairman), State Farm Insurance
  • Amanda Beasley (Secretary), Golden Mesa Casino
  • Deirdre Humphreys, (Treasurer) Evan Humphreys Law Office
  • Nayely Mesta, PCHC
  • Shelby RedCorn, Henry Hinds Real Estate LLC
  • Cat Warren, individual
  • Jose Jauregui, PCHC
  • Paige Mayer, Beauty & the Beast, The Den
  • Sheila Martin (City of Guymon, ex-officio)
  • Erica Maddox (Chamber of Commerce, ex-officio)