Cash Mob

Each month the Cash Mob goes to a Main Street Guymon member business and we hit them with the shopping! Cash mobsters are volunteers who promise to spend at least $20 at each mobbing! Anyone can join us.

Lunch Mob

Each month the Lunch Mobsters hit a Main Street Guymon member restaurant and have lunch together. It’s fun. You meet new people, you might be trying a new restaurant. Come by yourself or bring a friend. It’s Dutch treat and everyone just orders off the menu … we sit together at tables, rather randomly. All are welcome in supporting those who support our community. Live local.

Social Mob

We have a mob of volunteers that work to post positive Google reviews for Guymon businesses, especially Main Street Guymon members. Knowing that many people use the Google reviews to plan thier trips, we are working to make sure our Guymon businesses are on thost trip plans people are making based on reviews.