We are community volunteer hub in Guymon. Main Street Guymon has many volunteers who give a tremendous number of hours to make our programs and events and those of our partnering entities happen. Each of our volunteers gives hours that makes Guymon a better place to live and work and visit. We are proud of our community volunteers and at our Annual Awards Evening in February, thanking and recognizing these volunteers is a priority. There are many and we love them all for what they do.

But our volunteers don’t just work for Main Street Guymon programs. We are proud of the fact that we visit and work with new residents or people who are just beginning to do volunteer time. We help them find the best fit for them because a happy volunteer will work longer and harder than one who isn’t pleased with their tasks. With that in mind, the spread sheet below shows volunteer opportunities that are here in Guymon. The contacts for these entities is continually changing, so if you are unable to get in contact with who is listed, feel free to call the Main Street Guymon office at 580-338-6246 and we’ll help you. Or if you want to discuss the various groups. We just want those wanting and willing to volunteer to find where they are comfortable!

Volunteer Opportunities in Guymon

Booster Club                           Jaimie Kauffman        

Boy Scouts                               Erica Maddox   
The Boy Scouts are always looking for volunteers to help with leadership at the den, pack, troop, and district level. No experience is required.

Chamber of Commerce   GuymonCofC@gmail.com

Delphinium Garden Club        Mary Long                  

For the Love of Guymon         Nathan Jenkins           

Girl Scouts                               Lynn Weisinger          

Guymon Comm. Theatre        Deirdre Humphreys   

Kid’s Inc.                                  Adam Garrison

Knights of Columbus               
Catholic Men’s Organization meets the second Sunday each month at St. Peter’s.

Lions Club                                Charles Michael         

Loaves and Fishes                   Gayle Parsley
Food Pantry.

Main Street Guymon               Melyn Johnson           
Community programs and events of many types that provide a multitude of volunteer opportunities.

No Man’s Land Historical Society                  
Meets monthly at the Presbyterian Fellowship Hall, 7th and Roosevelt.

OSU Extension                         Arleen James              
They are an educational group that meets and has events and activities. They love volunteers to share their knowledge and skills with others.

Oaks of Mamre                       Homeless Shelter       
Meal a Month; donations needed of toiletry, cleaning, or furniture items.

Panhandle Partners                Megan Davidson         580-651-6814
They help people who are taking cancer treatments.

Pioneer Day Rodeo Comm.    Mitch Egger               

Quilt Guild, Timeless Treasurers        Ellen Grice

Quilters at Lutheran Church   Terry Brand                

Republican Party                     Dallas Mayer              

Rose Garden Club                   Jill Johnson                 

Rotary Club                             David Player               
Meets every Wednesday at noon.

Soccer Association                  Geraldine Sanchez