Vital Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to Main Street Guymon. With one paid staff, the many programs and events that happen under Main Street Guymon is due to our volunteers, people who are willing to give their time to the community. They are many and they are wonderful. They are all ages and speak many languages. They represent our community well. Each month we try to recognize a Vital Volunteer who has gone over and above the norm.

The 2022 Vital Volunteers include the OPSU Baseball Team, Amy Laird, Davin Winger, Allan Avalos, the cast of Voices on the Santa Fe Trail, Amanda Beasley, Tito Medina, and Anahi Espinoza.

In 2021 we named the following Vital Volunteers named: Kristine Scott with BOP, JuliAnn Graham with TCEC, Donna Riffel, Charles White with State Farm Insurance, Peter Adup, Amanda Murphy with Brown Insurance, Sara Richter, Amy Laird, Manuel (Tito) Medina, Kim Smith with OPSU, Audrey Brooks, and Brenda Eidson. The total volunteer hours in 2021 was 2,605. Thanks to all!

2020 Vital Volunteers include OPSU Baseball Coach Shawn Joy, JuliAnn Graham with TCEC, Kayla Reid with SPC, Cristina Carbajal with Golden Crown, Ronda Purvines with Merle Norman, Paige Mayer with Beauty and the Beast, Sheila Martin with City of Guymon, Donna Riffel, Soila Medina with AirPro, and Kathy Holmes. This was a tough year with COVID taking away most of our events.

2019 our volunteers put in a total of 3321 hours. Those named Vital Volunteer included Daniel Ortega, Taos McIntyre, Norma Green with PTCI, Evlyn Schmidt, Charles White, Glenna Williams, OPSU Soccer Team, JuliAnn Graham, and Elgie Davis.

2018 was 3251 total volunteer hours. Vital Volunteers were Daniel Ortega, Susie Ronne, Kendra Butler, Brown and Associates, Donna Riffel, Terry Brand, Earlene Schaefer, Arlene Winfrey, OPSU Basketball Team, JuliAnn Graham, Charles White.

2017 had 3401 hours given by volunteers. Those named Vital Volunteers were Cindy Weaver, Kristine Scott with BOP, Terry Brand, JuliAnn Graham with TCEC, David Watkins with Seaboard Foods, Emily Alcocer, Sally Hawkins with BOP, OPSU Baseball Coach Keith Schulz.

2016 volunteers put in 3748 hours (amazing!) for the community. Volunteers named Vital were Brayden Lehew, Cassandra Mussman of Seaboard Foods, OPSU Football Team, Alphonso Ortega, Sadie Leyva, Vonda Wilkins, OPSU Baseball Team, Earlene Schaefer, and Jada Breeden.

2015 brought in 2733 volunteer hours and these Vital Volunteers: Mikaela Baker, Alphonso Ortega, Claudia Patterson, Dave Davis with Pub on the Bricks, Kyle Hawkins with Edward Jones, Vonda Wilkins, Jennie Watkins with Seaboard Foods, JuliAnn Graham with TCEC, Elgie Davis, Blair Henson with the City Library, Cindy Weaver.

2014 was the year with 2772 volunteer hours. Vital folks were Deidre Harbison, Alma Folklorica Dancers, Dalia Estrada, Vonda Wilkins, OPSU Upward Bound, Cassi Jo Schriefer, Rick and Val Furnish, Arlene Winfrey, Sandra Castillo, and Grace Vavra.

2013 had 1932 volunteer hours clocked. Vital Volunteers were Monica Ronne, Brandon Romero, Vonda Wilkins, Shelly Wirtz, Paul Montgomery with BOP, Terry Brand, Beth McKee, Nathalie Perez, Shannon Albert, and Mary Long.

2012 had 2064 volunteer hours.

2011 had 2723 volunteer hours.

2010 had 574 volunteer hours.

2009 had 790 volunteer hours.

2008 had 994 volunteer hours.

2007 had 1314 volunteer hours.

2006 had 1680 volunteer hours.