Pangaea celebrates the diversity of our community. It is an evening that includes a seven course meal with stories from seven famlies representing the seven continents with foods from each family’s subculture making up the meal. At Pangaea we use Antarctica to focus on a family with a special needs member. The special needs commity have a life that is reflective of Antarctica, ie a hostile environment, lack of accessibility, and isolation. The evening is interesting and it is fun. You can’t help but have fun while you learn more about the people in our community. The premier sponsor for the event is Seaboard Foods.

  • Africa, 2018 was Michael Gatkek, South Sudan
  • Africa, 2019 was the David Player family, South Africa (Bobotie)
  • Antarctica, 2018 was the Garrett Helton family (Mini pizzas)
  • Antarctica, 2019 was the Jeborric Evans family (Jambalaya)
  • Asia, 2018 was Jake and Alka Lammes, India (Tandoori chicken)
  • Asia, 2019 was Tuongvy (Sandy) Nguyen and her grandfather, Vietnam (Pho)
  • Australia/Oceania, 2018 was Sam Lemin, Australia (Meat pies)
  • Australia/Oceania, 2019 was Cooper Thatcher from Australia (Lamingtons)
  • Central/South America, 2018 was Tito Aznar, Argentina (Rice torrejas)
  • Central/South America, 2019 was Jainer Raudales and family, Honduras (Pupusas)
  • Europe, 2018 was Jon Olsen, Norway (Krumkake)
  • Europe, 2019 was Marksym Korotetsky, Ukraine (Borscht)
  • North America, 2018 was Shelby RedCorn, Osage Indian (Corn chowder and fry bread)
  • North America, 2019 was Roman Moreno, PhD, Mexico (Carnitas)

Know Your Neighbor Series

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2018 Pangaea Event