Each April and September Main Street Guymon partners with the City of Guymon and other entities to clean our community. There are people doing trash pick up on the roads, streets, and alleys; people help paint and fix up in the parks and other public places; and many of the businesses and residential areas work to clean their blocks. It is a time for the entire community to come together and get something done that gives us pride in our community. The clean up endeavor is an activity through the Main Street Design Committee.

The list of those who help includes people of all ages and from all walks of life in Guymon. A list of some of the 2019 volunteers for the Clean – Up include (but not everyone turns in photos to be shared … there are many that help who we miss thanking):

  • Bank of the Panhandle employees
  • Linda Burke
  • City of Guymon
  • Connection Church
  • GHS Business Club
  • Glasswing Garden Club
  • Guymon Lions Club
  • Hispanic Advisory Club (City of Guymon)
  • Junoir 4-H
  • Main Street Guymon volunteers
  • Soila Medina and volunteer crew
  • Nazarene Youth
  • OPSU Baseball team and coaches
  • OPSU Football team and coaches
  • OPSU Upward Bound
  • PTCI employees
  • Shawn Ronne family
  • Rose Garden Club
  • Geraldine Sanchez
  • Scouts
  • Texas County Democrats
  • Texas County Memorial Hospital Employees
  • Verizon employees
  • Victory Center Church members