Aggie Families

Goal of the program:

  • Put local families with the players who do not have family nearby attending games.
  • Give a reason for locals to come to the games that don’t usually go (having a specific player for them to watch and yell for gives them this reason).
  • Increase local participation at OPSU football games.
  • With support we hope more of the players will do well in school and complete their education, hopefully here at OPSU.

What we look for in the players:

  • Ones whose families are not able to attend.
  • Players that show integrity and morals.
  • Players who are a good influence with kids.


  • Have a pot luck cookout at the Goodwell Park early in the season to meet their football player.
  • In the summer revamp and find families for those who are staying on campus during the summer.

To find out more about the program, contact Melyn Johnson at 338-6246 or at

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