On The Bricks

April 30, 2018

Last week a busy week and this week is going to be even more fun. Thought I would share some oddball tidbits of information that are floating around in my head and really causing a little havoc in there. Maybe if I share it, then there will be a little more order up there.
One of the Aggie Baseball Families went to Dodge City to see the OPSU baseball players play. Now that’s cool. Just knowing that there are people who care enough to do such nice things makes me happy.
Not sure if I shared these science sayings already. If I did, they’re probably worth being told again. I told a chemistry joke. There was no reaction.
Thank you to those who have brought in vases for us to reuse. We have a couple of small boxes so far. We could sure use some more! So maybe you would consider cleaning out the cupboard with all those glass vases saved from when the old boyfriend would send flowers.
Hey, baby. I got my ion you.
The Pub on the Bricks is one of my favorite Main Street Guymon members. And last week I ordered the chicken fajita wrap. It was delicious! You should try one.
Are you full of beryllium, gold, and titanium? Because you are BeAuTifull!
If you’re wanting to try something new this Pioneer Days, take the kids and visit the Point Rock Riders camp on the evening of May 3. The Chamber of Commerce has all the information on Pioneer Days that you need. But, before you call them, print off the Schedule of Events at
My teacher threw sodium chloride at me. That’s a salt.
The Rodeo Queen Luncheon is Thur., May 3, at Top Value Market starting at 11:30 am. Meet the queens. They’re friendly and interesting coming from states all across the nation. The Pioneer Day Breakfast is at 5:30 on Sat., May 5, and is one of my favorite events to attend. Go there and then register as an Old Timer at the Methodist Church from 7 – 9 am. You get done just in time to watch the parade that starts at 9:30 am.
I blew up my chemistry experiment. Oxidants happen.
Did you know the Pioneer Day Rodeo is one of the best outdoor professional rodeos in the nation? Right here in our backyard! Even the TV show Criminal Minds knows that and chose to have the rodeo clown episode take place in “the sleepy town of Guymon, Oklahoma.” We’re famous and we owe it all to the volunteers through the Chamber who make it happen. The rodeo takes place Fri., May 4, at 7:30 pm; Sat., May 5, at 2 and 7:30 pm; and Sun., May 6, at 2 pm. It costs $20 at the gate, but if you go by Dizzy B’s or Bank of the Panhandle or PTCI or Farm Credit in Guymon, or TCEC in Hooker, you can get advance tickets at $15. But don’t be ignorant and think the advance tickets continue to be on sale after the rodeo starts. Really. That’s not happening.
Community Clean – Up went on all through April. Have you done your little bit of community cleaning? Hop to! It’s time for a little Spring cleaning. The Guymon High School Business Club under the leadership of Summer Behne helped out. They worked hard and were a friendly group of kids. Awesome kids. I feel lucky to have gotten to meet them. I feel even luckier to have them help with the trash picking up.
Enjoy May! This is usually the busy month that brings in the Spring. A wonderful time of year in the Oklahoma Panhandle!
See you on the bricks … probably at the parade!