On The Bricks

April 1, 2014

There is this liquid soap that I have at my bathroom sink. In the mornings I wash my hands and that soap smells soooooo good. It just starts my day off with a grin. It’s a real tropical flowery smell. My dad is visiting. I wonder if he likes the smell as well as I do. He really isn’t very flowery.

Talking about smelling … whew. I have overwatered a plant of mine here in the office and today I noticed. So I poured out the standing water. Poor plant was flooded. Oh my gosh, it was that sour, nasty smell that you can’t get out of your nostrils. When I finally quit smelling it, my hand went in front of my nose and phew. All over again. Need my smelly soap here!

And with thoughts on smelly. Have you ever thought about how smelly people must have been when Guymon first was settled? Not only do we have really hot summers, but they had way too many clothes, and not near enough water or easy water, anyway. It must have been rank. But maybe if everyone was it wasn’t so obvious?

Those western movies never quite give you the truth on that count, does it?

What is your favorite western movie?

True Grit is a good one, no doubt. Did you know that it takes place in Oklahoma? There are some really fantastic books written by Oklahoma authors and / or that take place in Oklahoma.

I recently read, “True Grit is an ideal Oklahoma read. Much of the action takes place in Indian Territory, specifically the Choctaw Nation. The quest for justice, the adventure in a lawless frontier, and the unique and compelling characters come together to make this novel a classic of American Literature.” It is a book for all ages.

Take a moment and read a little more about Oklahoma. Go check out True Grit from the library, order it for your Kindle, or do whatever it is you do for a book. We should learn more about our fascinating state! Or if you’re from Texas, you should learn more about your fascinating neighbor!

And reading a western is a good idea to get ready for the upcoming OPSU Rodeo! Yes, that happens this month, April 25 and 26. There is an OPSU Rodeo Round – Up (Reunion) for past rodeo team members and supporters that you need to be sure to attend. That is on the 26th at noon in Bob’s Cowboy Bar. For $10 you’ll get lunch and some of the best company you ever heard! Come and join everyone.

For those who are always wanting to learn more about taking photos and the stuff that goes along with it, there is an Intro to Adobe Lightroom class on April 14 from 7 to 9 pm in the Guymon Public Library. This class is being presented by the Main Street Shutterbugs and instructor is Shutterbug Stanley Harper. The class covers the capabilities of Lightroom and how to implement it into your photography workflow.

There is to be several practical exercises for attendees. You’re encouraged to bring a laptop and Adobe Lightroom program with three RAW format images to take part in the practicum.

The Bugs stress that anyone is welcome to attend and if you’re planning to come, be a little early because the library closes at 7 pm and you’ll want to come in before the doors are locked. This is a free class.

Hope your world is smelling fine.

See you on the bricks!