On The Bricks

April 17, 2019

Today it took two hours to get Community Clean – Up photos arranged and the information from the different crews doing litter pick – up and other work organized. That is amazing. Yes, amazing that I work so slow, but also amazing that we have so many people working to clean up Guymon and get ready for company (OPSU Rodeo on April 25, Pioneer Days the first week in May, and the Five State Motorcycle Run on May 11).

It is Spring and there is some serious Spring cleaning going on.

This is a public thank you to all of you that are pitching in and giving an hour or two, who are willing to put some sweat equity into the community. There are churches, businesses, individuals, and groups all doing something and expecting nothing back in return.

In fact, this month and every other month, you can call the Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinder Club if you are over 60 and need help with yard work, house cleaning, or other odd jobs. Call Pastor Lian at 405-896-0463.

There are some things to think about when you do trash pick – up. First, you’re a lot less likely to toss trash out if you’ve spent some timing picking it up. That is why it’s a good thing when you have the young ones go with you on your trash quest. Second, it makes us notice things that we see every day but have stopped actually noticing.

It is just a good thing, every way you look at it.

Blessings to each and every one of you that has helped in the Community Clean – Up!

Time to share a few things I’ve seen recently. This is on a shirt that I saw in a catalog. “Gym? Never heard of him.”

Now that made me laugh. And laugh. I just laughed again when I typed it.

A few pages later in the catalog was this winner: “Well, to be Frank, I’d have to change my name.”

Good one.

Here’s a little piece of trivia you might find interesting. Found this in Readers Digest. “Donnie Dunagan joined the Marines when he was 18, did three tours of duty in Vietnam, won a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts, and finally retired as a major. Yet in his 20 + year military career, he never told anyone about his connection to one of Hollywood’s quintessential tearjerkers. When he was six, Dunagan was the voice of Disney’s young Bambi.”

Hope you’re enjoying the Spring weather and the beautiful Redbud trees.

Here are some things going on around town that you might want to know about:

Jim Norris is selling chances on 10 pounds of beef tenderloin, 16 pounds of beef rib eye, a box of St. Louis pork ribs, and a 10 – pound box of pork chops to be given away in four different drawings. The proceeds of the drawing go to the Love Does project that helps pay for lunches for kids in school whose family has gotten behind. We all know that education takes a back seat when you’re hungry. And being embarrassed by the free sandwich is tough on kids, so Jim takes it upon himself to help those kids out without knowing who they are or them knowing who has helped. Tickets are $5 each and you can get them at Main Street Guymon or call Jim at 580-651-1018 for a ticket or two. The drawing was going to be on April 12, but that date has been extended.

Speaking of food, the Learning to Live Life with Diabetes Support Group meets on Monday, Apr. 22, at 5:30 pm in the beautiful Heritage Community Assisted Living Facility at 501 NE 15th Street. If you’re wanting more information, call Amanda Crawford at 580-338-3186.

Did you miss getting your high school diploma and want to go for your GED? There are free classes (although the GED test costs $136) in Guymon at the Academy School North Building, 712 N. Academy. This Adult Basic Education class is offered through Oklahoma Panhandle State University. To learn more about it, call 580-349-1552 (English) or 580-349-1538 (Spanish).

Hope all is good with you and yours.

See you on the Bricks!