On The Bricks

April 19, 2014

I am in the midst of an Earthquake Survival Leadership Course. What is the chance that I would be sitting next to someone from San Francisco? How cool is that?

When starting I wondered if I would survive. I did survive, but I certainly as far from the best. What did we learn? Here’s a fact stated that I think matters every single day, “Panic causes people to react, not act.” And we don’t make good decisions when we are reacting. We need to work on acting and being ready for things so we don’t react. Think it through and stand your course.

In the survival training the teams all worked well together. In fact, I thought it was totally fun. We ranged in age from 54 to 16 years! Three were outstanding in their individual scores. And, funny enough, each was on a different team. The three were a 36 year old female, 21 year old female, and 22 year old male. None of them grew up here. I think that shows we need to be glad we’re getting new folks in!

The training took place on Good Friday of Holy Week.

I talked to someone the day before who is a spiritual person, yet does not profess to be a Christian. I wonder if he has his kids go to Easter egg hunts.

Is an Easter egg hunt purely social or does it have spiritual significance to most?

Easter matters to me, but I do realize that it doesn’t to everyone. Even some who would check the “Christian” box don’t really think on the Easter story when they have the family over for dinner and hunt eggs.

When you think about Easter and Holy Week what’s your first thought? I have to admit that having the family dinner is what I cherish the most. I love any reason to gather my kids and grandkids around the table.

I also like the Friday Fish Fry at the Catholic Church. This is on a social level for me, but it’s great fun.

I love the happy Easter story. Being told someone died for you. You … that’s wow. Hearing someone raised from the dead. That’s also wow. And if you don’t believe those things, the Easter dinner is wow if you go to someone’s house who is a good cook … or they’re good company.

Hope your Easter weekend was wonderful, whether you enjoyed the dinner, the coloring of eggs, the story, or the egg salad sandwiches.

See you on the bricks!