On The Bricks

August 10, 2017

Last evening the People magazine and Sports Illustrated magazines were read by myself and this morning because I was early to work, I started on the Lutheran Standard magazine. Doesn’t speak very well for my priorities, does it? My mother should have done a better job raising me, it seems. I believe it is always the parents fault these days if their children decide to do stupid things, right? Seems so.

Anyway, the Lutheran magazine had an article talking about church and state and towards the end of the article the lady says, “First, live out Luther’s explanation of the Eighth Commandment: ‘To come to the defense of our elected officials, speak well of them, and to interpret their actions in the best possible light.’ Second, find ways to help our elected officials succeed in their vocations as public servants.

“In my experience of city, state and federal government, there are lots of officeholders in both major parties trying to make a positive difference. Finding ways to help dedicated public servants succeed in their vocations is not about advancing a narrow partisan agenda, but about establishing responsive local, state and federal governments that effectively address the real needs and issues of the communities they serve.”

So why don’t we all write a note or visit with one from our city council, church board, a non – profit board, or other elected official and tell them that we appreciate their work. We don’t have to agree with everything they do and we don’t have to even talk about issues. Just appreciate their willingness to serve and all the time they put in doing so.

In all likelihood, they’re doing more than we are. So, we need to be nice.

Man, that being nice is not easy. It’s so much easier to give our opinion and tell people what we think they should be doing. Bah, I see myself doing it all the time. Not pretty. Not pretty. Blame mama.

We have some great classes coming up through Main Street Guymon. The Breakfast and Business classes are held on Wednesday mornings from 8 – 9 at the Bank of the Panhandle Board Room at 12th and Main. BOP will be providing the breakfast. Yeah!

“So You Want to Own a Business?” is the class on Sept. 6. If you have considered starting a business (even home – based) or have one and would like to make sure you didn’t miss something, come to the class. Topics may be a business model, SWOT, pro – forma, budget, etc. And if you don’t know what any of those are, you’re the perfect one for the class! I know I’m going to be learning lots.

“Capital and Cash Flow” is on Sept. 13. Lisa Phillips and Colter Headrick from BOP will be talking about sources of capital and cashflow.

“Am I Making Money?” is Sept. 20. Find out how to set your mark – up and be able to cover all your expenses. You should be having a reserve for that emergency, too. The bank and Main Street wants you to be able to survive the bad times so that you can relish in the good ones. This class is being taught by Lisa Phillips from BOP.

“Make Banking Work for You” is the last class in September on the 27th. Paul Montgomery from BOP is teaching this class. Your bank may be able to help you in ways that cut down your expenses and time. Come and learn if there are!

You do not need to be a customer of BOP nor a Main Street Guymon member to attend these classes. There is no charge.

The classes will continue in October and include Shop Local Coalition Discussion and Round Table, Hiring and Retaining Employees What Insurance Do You Need? And Managing to Retire.

If you have any questions, please call Melyn at 580-338-6246.

It’s a great time to be in business in the Panhandle! Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep making a good living.

See you on the bricks!