On The Bricks

August 17, 2021

Oklahoma has a rich and long western tradition. We are celebrating that tradition this week with Pioneer Days, with four rodeo performances for our enjoyment. A great time to be in Guymon! Here’s a little more Oklahoma western tradition.

Jesse Chisholm was born around 1805 to Ignatius Chisholm, of Scottish descent, and Martha (née Rogers), a Cherokee. Jesse moved with his mother to Indian Territory during the early period when some Cherokee migrated there voluntarily from the Southeast, and he grew up in the Cherokee culture.

In 1830, Chisholm helped blaze a trail from Fort Gibson to Fort Towson in Indian Territory. Six years later, Chisholm married Eliza Edwards and they resided in the area of her father’s trading post on the Little River near its confluence with the Canadian River in Indian Territory.

Fluent in several languages, Chisholm served as an interpreter and general aid in several treaties. This diplomatic work spanned 20 years, between 1838 and 1858. During this period, he also continued in the Indian trade, trading manufactured goods for peltry and for cattle.

During the Civil War, Chisholm led a band of refugees to the western part of the territory. At the end of the war, he settled permanently near present-day Wichita, Kansas, and began to trade again into Indian Territory. He built up what had been a military and Indian trail into a road capable of carrying heavy wagons for his goods. This road later became known as Chisholm’s Trail. When the Texas to Kansas cattle drives started, the users of the trail renamed it the Chisholm Trail.

Chisholm died on Mar. 4, 1868, at his last camp near Left Hand Spring (now near Geary, Okla.), due to food poisoning. He is buried there.

Made me laugh: If you wear cowboy clothes are you ranch dressing?

Good advice: Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up. ~Robert Frost

Pioneer Day Rodeo is Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm. The Parade is Saturday at 10 am. The Family Fun Time at the Fairgrounds is Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm (with a Food Court). The mercantile is Saturday and Sunday at the Activity Center.

We will have the Farmers Market going on Saturday. It is a great time to get a fried pie or some blueberry bread for breakfast. You can also get some lip balm if you forgot yours! Pick up your fresh melon for lunch, too. We would love to see you before and after the parade.

Catch you on the bricks!