On The Bricks

August 18, 2018

Farmers Market mornings are the best. This week Brown and Associates sponsored the Turtles and Toads Race as the Meet Me at the Market Event. Charles White brought the most turtles, one a really tiny one that could have gotten lost in the sidewalk crack if officials hadn’t been really watching. He said that the Oaks boys were there and they’re really stiff competition. We were wondering if they have a hidden Turtle Training Facility. With the Market Race and the Fair Race the same day, turtle racing could be on the way towards being a lucrative business.
Other highlights of today’s market, outside of the gorgeous weather and awesome conversation, included the homemade doggie treat from Flat Broke Farms. We’re talking that those need to be part of the prizes for next year’s Pet Parade.

Ben Helms also brought some great homemade wooden tops. That’s just fun. Nothing but fun. And he made some wooden writing pens that were a great conversation piece. I also saw Gloria Grice and she has some western books I may get from her for my dad.
The Farmers Market is just a treasure trove to be explored every Saturday morning. You should come down there sometime between 8 and 11 on Saturday mornings in July, August, and September. Besides the produce and honey being homegrown and local, it’s also healthy and tastes better!

Saturday is the Community Garage Sale as the Meet Me at the Market event. No charge for those who want to set up a table and sell some treasures. Limit to one table per person and you’re required to bring your own table, change, and whatever else you’ll need. Set up on the north sidewalk of the Courthouse and don’t go on to the grass. We would love to have you there. This is great for those who don’t have enough “stuff” for their own full sale or who live out of town. If there are more tables than sidewalk, we’ll move on over to the parking lot east of the courthouse. That’s on August 25. Come and be a part as a seller and / or a buyer!

Then will be the PTCI Salsa Showdown on Sept. 8, Beautiful Baby Contest on Sept. 15, Beard Contest on Sept. 22, and Pumpkin Rolling and Pumpkin Roll Contests on Sept. 29. Someone be sure to tell Adam Garrison about the beard contest! It only takes three seconds of courage to do anything. Get your three seconds and step out there for one of these Meet Me at the Market Contests.

Along the lines of treasures, check out the TCEC Co-Op Connections where you can get special deals from local businesses. Look them up at Our Main Street businesses have a good showing in there. Check out Advanced Water Solutions, All Fired Up Gallery, Apollo MedFlight, Bank of the Panhandle, Beau and Beast Hair Care, By His Hands, Dancer’s Wine and Liquor, Dizzy B’s Corner Mart, Golden Crown, Harana MedSpa, Lumber Mart, Merle Norman, PTCI, SPC WOW Boutique, YMCA, The Willows B & B, Urban Bru, Verizon, and Whispering Bliss Boutique. Get some deals … and maybe you can start early on your Christmas List.

Consider signing up for the Margaritas and Memories Craft for a Cause by Bank of the Panhandle. This Aug. 13 craft is painting a cactus between margarita sips and the cost is $35 per person. The great part is that the cause this time is Main Street Guymon’s Fiesta! We LOVE our Main Street supporters and can’t wait to see you that evening at the Pub on the Bricks at 6:30 pm. RSVP to 580-568-3580.

Let’s close by sharing the Dandelion Principal. “Some see a weed, some see a wish.” Go forth this month and may it be filled with wishes.

See you on the bricks!