On The Bricks

August 30, 2022

A person of positive action works to make something better, to help people, to make a difference in their community. Our electric company, TCEC, is accepting nominations of people you know who are doing this very thing right here in our area. It is called “Who Powers You.”

TCEC’s facebook page says, “Who Powers You? It’s often volunteers. Concern for community is one of TCEC’s founding principles. Our Who Powers You program recognizes volunteers.” You have until Sept. 30 to nominate someone who makes a difference in your community. Go to to do your nomination. Each person can only make one nomination.

This is a program honoring those who do something. Those who help people, make places better, and break some sweat making our community, our world a better place.

Another such program recently recognized two Guymon folks. Shelby Red Corn with Herbel Real Estate and Justin Barrett with Golden Mesa Casino were named to Oklahoma’s NexGen Under 30 List. The committee for this award encourages Oklahomans to “nominate innovative, creative – thinking, and inspiring young individuals who push the boundaries beyond their years, who are worthy of winning the award.”

We have many people here who are doing good things. They are in our community service organizations, our churches, our clubs, our schools, and in our neighborhoods. Take the time today to thank someone that you know makes life better.

Not everyone is considerate and appreciates those who are working hard. I read where someone wrote this review about a restraurant … and the restaurant’s response: “Don’t bother calling for take out. They put you on hold and never come back.” They response from the owner was, “Sorry for your inconvenience. The server taking your order had a seizure while doing so and couldn’t complete the process. When you showed up to retrieve your order and it was not ready, even though there was an ambulance in front of the restaurant and we were tending to the medical emergency at hand, we offered to complete your order at that time. I am sorry that you declined and chose to complain in a public forum.”

Complaining / being critical is not getting something done.

Another gem that I read pertains to the many coaches who volunteer for your kids sports. “Reminders from your child: I’m a kid, it’s just a game, my coach is a volunteer, the officials are humans, no college scholarships will be handed out today.”

Those coaches giving of their time and patience are the winners … not the critical folks in the stands.

Our award winners come in all sizes, ages, and colors. They have many different skills, but some of the best ones are their energy, their kindness, and their willingness to help. Reading a scholarship application a couple weeks ago from a young college student, these words have stuck in my mind, “I dream of a Church that has people who are obviously people of Christ. People who love the Lord and those around them. People who humbly help others. People who willingly offer forgiveness. People looking forward to how God can use them.”

Drop the mic. Enough said.

See you on the bricks!