On The Bricks

August 5, 2020

          Last Saturday morning at the Farmers Market, I met two young watercolor artists from Guymon. They were delightful ladies and so very talented. Leyla Meza had a table and sold some notecards with her work and other items. I bought some of the notecards because Leyla’s art made me smile.

          When I got home, I already had thought about several cousins of mine who would love the art on the cards, too, and I sat down and wrote them a little chatty note. I love my cousins. They live a long ways away. I don’t get to see them often enough. It was a good thing to sit and write them. After five notes, I was feeling really happy.

          I had been to a little cousins get together and didn’t even leave my house.

          Thank you to Leyla for giving me the opportunity to share the happiness you bring through your art.

          You might go to the market and meet her yourself. She is a bit shy and quiet. You’ll like her.

          And I made a deal with the baker, Sue Smith, who has some of the best sweet bread, wheat bread, and pies you ever had at the market. She sold all she could at the Guymon and Liberal Farmers Market and then she posted on facebook if anyone wanted to come and pick something that was left up. What was left, Main Street Guymon took and shared with some of our favorite Main Street members and volunteers.

          Pies went to Bank of the Panhandle employees. Pies went to the Workforce Oklahoma employees. And sweet breads went to the various City of Guymon departments. It is the Parks Department, the Street Department, and the Sanitation Department that helps Main Street volunteers in so many ways. What better way to show our appreciate than to support one of our Farmer’s Market vendors at the same time? I felt like Santa Clause. I pretty much have the right shape, but the beard isn’t going to happen.

          It’s a good day to be from the Oklahoma Panhandle!

          Pioneer Days Rescheduled is going to be August 21 and 23. One of my Main Street volunteers and I went out and hung up posters. Well, I drove him and he went and did the hanging. I think we’ll have more to do tomorrow. The Chamber has a full Schedule of Events out on their website and Facebook page and there are some left at businesses around town.

          See you on the bricks!