On The Bricks

December 17, 2018

Got my Christmas card from my eldest son and it had several beautiful photos of three of my grandchildren, my son and his wife. Great card. Loved the message on it. “The biggest blessings are in the smallest moments.” So true.

Blessing #1 from last week: All four of my children attended the two eldest grandson’s football semi – final playoff game. That the boys were playing in such an important game was great and wonderful. But the photo of all four of my children being there to support them, faces smiling and so happy was the best blessing. To have your kids be adults and treat one another well is a huge blessing that makes me so thankful.

Blessing #2 from last week: Not in the photo that I mentioned above, but in other’s taken that day were the spouses of the three married kids who were all there doing the same … and being such an important part of our family. Also, in the photos were the three grandchildren who didn’t sport a Gruver Greyhound football uniform … all of them beaming with pride for Will and Nick.

Blessing #3 from last week: I sent the On the Bricks column from last week about my friends to Pam, Nancy, and Deets (the topic of the column). I figured they might as well know what I’m saying about them. And I received an email from Nancy, who, funny enough, is the one that usually takes years to answer emails, in response. She wrote, “WOW. I’m very humbled by your words. You have such a powerful gift of the written language. I guess it’s from copying my English papers. Seriously you made my day … no, my life. I love you.” Signed “Nancy Evans, On the streets.” She is so funny. She is the one who copied MY English papers. I copied her math assignments. Good friends.

Blessing #4 from last week: In a conversation with a friend of mine that I worked with when I was with the Oklahoma Department of Tourism, we talked about the difference between wants and needs. And then it went to some wants we had, and I told him about always wanting Christmas dishes. But it didn’t make sense because we had beautiful fancy dishes from the husband’s great aunt and we always used them for Christmas dinner and other family gatherings, so it would be silly to buy another set of fancy dishes. He talked about some Transformer he wanted as a kid (he’s a lot younger than I am). Last week I got a package in the mail. Christmas dishes. Yep. Go figure. I couldn’t believe it. All I can say is, he’s not getting that Transformer.

The purpose of this rambling is not to brag about my blessings, but to help you think about what blessings you have received and not given sufficient thought to. Remember, it’s the simple things, the smallest moments, that are the blessings you need to make sure you don’t miss. Justin and Sammy’s Christmas card reminded me. I’m sharing and reminding you.

And after you consider your blessings, then think about how you’re going to be someone else’s blessing today. Remember, simple things. Say a prayer. If you don’t know who to pray for, just say one for every person that you see today. That should do it. Or for those people that asked me for directions. No telling where they ended up.

Catch you on the bricks!