On The Bricks

February 26, 2018

Last week the Main Street Guymon Awards Evening happened. People who have done wonderful things for and with the organization gathered together to break bread and celebrate. We celebrated the businesses that have done a good job. We celebrated the people who have given of themselves to make Guymon a better place. We celebrated friendships. We celebrated because it is a good thing to come together in a positive manner.

The people that handed over their tickets and sat in those chairs are my favorite people. They are the ones who get something done. They aren’t just talking about doing something, they’re doing it. They aren’t just out to promote themselves or to get a free meal, they’re there for the long haul. They are the ones who back up their words. They are ones who know how to sweat. And who aren’t afraid to care.

They are volunteers and entrepreneurs. They are gamblers because they invest in people, in community. They work to build something better that will last long past their last breath.

Four people committed to having their names on the slate of nominations for a position on the board of directors. They stood up and publicly said they were willing and able to give of themselves and work in this capacity. Four people. Three positions. All four would serve well. One went home without the vote and still they put themselves out there. I respect them for so many reasons. All of them. These are the people of our community’s future. They have an attitude that can keep us moving forward and moving positive.

Would you fit in with this crowd?

Do you appreciate the people who were there?

I do. Every single day.

It was a celebration on the bricks.

Wish you had been there.

The winners of our awards were Aggie Families, All Fired Up Art Gallery, Bank of the Panhandle, Beef Up Guymon Fund Raiser and Elanco, Charles White Insurance, City Bank and Trust, Fiesta Event and Soila Medina, Galleon Restaurant, Golden Crown, OPSU Baseball Team, Shop and Dine Group, Shop Local Coalition, Taos McIntyre, Veterans Banner Program and Jim Norris.

Volunteers from the Main Street Board of Directors, Transformers, Vital Volunteers, Career Focus, Cassie’s Kids, Aggie Families, Lunch and Cash Mob were also there in mass. Amazing, wonderful, and giving people. Many of those with the mentoring programs also brought their mentees and Aggies. I loved it.

I hope you have found something that brings the best out in you, too. Something where you give. Something that reminds you to appreciate all we have. Something that makes you care. Somewhere you can fit in. If you haven’t and want to, come by. Let’s talk.

See you on the Bricks!