On The Bricks

February 5, 2021

          One of my kids’ friends was pregnant and she and her husband were ecstatic. They had several miscarriages prior to this pregnancy, but it appeared this one was going to help their dreams come true for a family. Miscarriages are not uncommon, but we don’t know the pain people have gone through because of them because this isn’t something we tend to talk about unless we know someone really well.

          Problems are usually like that … we don’t know other people’s hurts and challenges. They usually don’t know ours.

          When the friend was at 20 weeks, she and her husband learned the baby had something wrong with it and would likely not live. She carried it for 18 more weeks and at her appointment there was no longer a heartbeat. They induced labor and their little boy was stillborn.

          How many of us assumed, seeing the pregnant young lady, that she and her husband were happy?

          How many of us have any idea what it is like to carry a baby for 18 weeks, knowing that you won’t be giving that baby a birthday party?

          Recently she was on social media and saw a post by someone that said something along these lines, “My husband and I just found out that our baby is a girl. We are so heartbroken. We want to have a boy so badly.”

          I have no words for this mess.

          My prayer is that you find the strength to face your problems and you find the compassion to know there are many who have bigger challenges than you.

          My friend Jada says too often we let “third world problems” get us down when we are lucky to have them. We could have first world problems where we are worried about food and a safe shelter to stay alive.

          Are you more interested in learning about other people’s challenges in our community and nation? Please consider attending Challenging Conversations, a program sponsored by the Guymon Rotary Club on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm in the Guymon Library. The start on March 16 and run for eight weeks. It can be that you might find out more about yourself in being a part of these evenings. For more information, contact Melyn at Main Street Guymon, 338-6246.