On The Bricks

January 22, 2019

Did you know that sending flowers used to be a way of sending messages? That specific flowers meant specific things? And according to geography, this can change a bit, but basically, they’re pretty spot on. It is called the Language of Flowers.

Ambrosia means your love is reciprocated.

Begonia is to beware.

If you want to tell someone that you reject their love, send them a bouquet of withered flowers.

Cactus is for endurance.

A pink Camellia is to say your longing for them. A red one is that they’re a flame in your heart. And a white one is saying that you think they’re adorable.

Pink carnations say that I’ll never forget you; red carnations are for admiration; a solid color carnation is for yes; a striped is for no; and a yellow carnation means you’re disappointed in them.

A red mum say you love them; a white one is for truth; and a yellow is for slighted love. Wish I had known that before I picked my wedding flowers.

Daisies are for innocence.

Ferns mean fascination.

A gardenia signifies that you think someone is lovely.

A geranium is for stupidity.

Purple hyacinth is an apology; white hyacinth says you’ll pray for them; and a yellow one is for jealousy.

An iris signifies a cherished friendship.

A pink larkspur is for fickleness.

Calla lily is beauty; day lily is coquetry; orange lily is hate; and the tiger lily is pride and wealth.

A marigold is cruelty.

Monkshood stands for beware.

Oleander is caution.

Mock orange is deceit.

Peony is shame.

Petunia is anger.

The dark crimson rose is mourning; the dark pink rose is thankfulness; lavender rose is enchantment; orange rose for fascination; pale peach rose for modesty; pale pine one for joy; red rose for love and respect; a single rose in full bloom says I love you; a tea rose means I’ll remember you always, a yellow rose is friendship.

Snapdragons are for deception.

A red tulip says to believe me.

A violet is for modesty.

This is interesting, but the fact is that few speak this language anymore. So you would probably have to have something to interpret … like a little card with the flowers. Yep, that explains a lot now. And now that I think about what messages I was sending out at my wedding, it’s all starting to make sense.

Just a lot of geraniums going around is all I can say.

Happenings you might want to put on your calendar:

  • Pioneer Day Draw Down is Jan. 26 and the cost is $50 per person. You have a chance to win $3,500 and this is a fund raiser for Pioneer Days.
  • Diabetic Support Group meets Jan. 28 at the Heritage Assisted Living, 501 NE 15th Street.
  • Family Game Night at the Library is Jan. 29 from 5 to 7 pm.
  • Eggs and Issues happens on Feb. 1 at 7 am in the Ambassador meeting room.
  • There are some great things happening. Go on out and join in!

See you on the bricks!