On The Bricks

July 11, 2022

          Reading the Rotary magazine issue for July 2022, a story about a former International Rotary President really touched my heart.

          The article, entititled “Heart and Soul” says “In 1958, Bhichae Rattakul became a charter member of the Rotary Club of Dhonburi, the second Rotary club of Thailand. He later admitted, that, at first, he was merely ‘a Rotarian on paper, but not a Rotarian in spirit. Rotary was not yet in my heart.’

          “All that changed when, at his club president’s request, he reluctantly agreed to accompany a group of fatherless boys to the beach. One of the children latched on to Rattakul, and when the day ended, both the Rotarian and the boy found it difficult to say goodbye.

          “’Since it was dark outside, no one could see my tears when suddenly he hugged me and whispered, ‘I wish you were my dad,’ Rattakul said when recounting the story years later. ‘All it took was one little boy to awaken the heart of a selfish man. I understood then what it meant to be a Rotarian.’”

          We need to look beyond ourselves. Especially on those days when you feel inclined to hold a pity party for yourself and invite all your friends and everyone else you see. Look pat yourself. See the people who are doing good. Be encouraged by them. Look at those who have it much worse than yourself and rather than waste time and energy feeling sorry for yourself, do something the help them in their pain. Write a card to someone to make them smile. Encourage and support someone. Be a beacon, not one who snuffs the light out.

          It’s not easy, but it’s not hard, either. Work to help at least one person each day and you might find that, in turn, you make your world better, too. Your help can be given from your time or your pocket. Whatever you choose. Whatever is easiest for you. There are several organizations in our community that are working to make this a better place to live and work. If you don’t know how you can help, come by the Main Street Guymon office at 116 NE 5th Street in Guymon and we can visit.

          Maybe you are needing to get some exercise in and you can combine that with doing some community trash clean-up. That would be awesome. Or maybe you like to cook and would like to help someway while cooking. Maybe you’re feeling a little lonesome … the nursing home residents love to have company. There are ways you can give.

          See you on the bricks!