On The Bricks

July 20, 2017

Last weekend the last Hansford County Cook-Off took place on Stavlo’s ranch. This is an event that in 17 years because of the hard work and giving hearts of many people has helped people who were having problems and needed a helping hand. To the tune of $150,000 or so over the 17 years. Yes. Impressive, isn’t it?

What would be more impressive is to count the hours that Paul Stavlo and his helpers spent getting the ranch ready for the event. What is more impressive is the number of people who brought food, wrote checks, played music, and helped make the event fun in addition to being such a fantastic benefit.

Even though it was a Hansford County event, Lannie Wilson and Ken Stonecipher are two Guymonites that helped greatly, almost all the years.

Thank you to Paul and Barbara Stavlo and to Richard and Wanda Wagner who are the ones who led this charge and worked their tails off year after year. These folks are the jewels in the crown. It was a great run and you deserve a bit of a rest.

But in September my daughter is getting married and her reception is going to be at the Stavlo Ranch. So that means Paul will probably working like a maniac again … because he’s just that way.

Friends like Paul and Barbara are to be treasured.

Do you treasure those people in your life?

Are we doing things that make us worth being treasured? Something to think about.

I know some folks who are acting like treasures. The OPSU Football Families. We had a potluck and game night last week with 40 of the OPSU football players and the laughter was abundant. So was the food. What a great group of people. What a great time. A religious person might call the football family program a mission. But I can’t see how a mission could be that much fun.

We have some football boys that would love to have a football family. When you’re that far from home, it’s nice to have someone that comes to your games and has an occasional potluck for you. Call 338-6246 if you want more information on the Football Family program.

Crochet lessons and gathering is still taking place on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 6 at the Main Street Guymon office. Come and join us! We have extra crochet needles and yarn for you. And thank you to the many who have brought us yarn.

On July 26 is an Oklahoma Family Network Kinship meeting at the Main Street Guymon office. These meetings are geared for families who have special needs children and grandchildren. Contact Monica Ronne at 580-651-9700 or Shanda Oden at 580-461-3528 for more information.

Saturday, July 29, is PubFest here on Fifth Street east of Main and Fifth. There is a mile run, live music, hot dog eating contest, free hot dogs from 11 to 2, watermelon eating contest, sand volleyball, turtle races, and domino games. With dominoes there will also be several other games in the Main Street Guymon office starting at 4. Join in the fun!!! Brought to you by The Pub on the Bricks and friends.

That same night is a dance at the No Man’s Land Center, 515 NE 15th, in Guymon with live music provided by Cottonwood. The dance goes from 7 to 10 and you can call 580-338-7216 for more information.

It’s a good time to be here.

See you on the Bricks!