On The Bricks

July 24, 2018

Each of us should be on a quest to improve ourselves. Who we are, what we say, and what we do does matter to more people than ourselves. Our children, our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, those we attend church with all are influenced by us. Even making it a point to smile at people rather than giving them a snarl can make a difference.

At the same time, we need to be sure to stay true to who we are and not become the person someone wants else wants us to be. It is important to figure out who we are and who we want to become. And we are never too old to do this.

George Washington Carver supposedly lived by the following eight rules:

  1. Be clean both inside and out.
  2. Neither look up to the rich nor down to the poor.
  3. Lose, if need be, with squealing.
  4. Win without bragging.
  5. Always be considerate of women, children, and older people.
  6. Be too brave to lie.
  7. Be too generous to cheat.
  8. Take your share of the world and let others take theirs.

So much wisdom in these words. This man worked through many barriers and became someone to be admired and revered. Although I don’t think that was his goal, I think he just wanted to do what was right and he worked to make a difference. We can do the same.

How we act and treat people is always important. And Facebook is part of this. I have found that some of my “friends” need to have a sock stuffed in their mouth or maybe their typing fingers broken. They persist in speaking negatively, relishing a chance to speak badly about public officials, teachers, businesses, and basically calling out all sorts of people they feel have wronged them. And I’m guessing they don’t have the maturity to speak to those individuals first and try to work things out. They have a hobby … and it is making others look bad. Create drama and virtually lead a mob.

Does the world really end if a teacher hurts your kids feelings? It tightens my colon that you and your kid are so sensitive. So, let’s all complain about one another and accomplish nothing, except look bad. That’s they road they travel.

Does the world really care about your political beliefs? We were raised that it is not polite conversation to bring up controversial subjects in public settings. Duh.

So, I have started hiding all those “friends” who post their political statements. For me, Trump is the president and the office deserves our respect. No more. He is not the savior. He is not Satan. And we, as Americans, need to not let (or use) a politician divide us and keep us from working together. I love some Democrats and I love some Republicans and I don’t apologize because neither party is “the enemy” to me.

Then there are some who post things that make my day richer and happier. Brooke Tuttle loves baking and she has found that she loves learning about cake decorating and building. Being a creative cake maker is what makes her happy. She posts what she’s tried … the good and the bad. She is so excited and enthusiastic about what she is doing that it makes me smile. I don’t give one care about cakes, but I love reading Brooke’s facebook posts because she is happy and it makes me happy. She is never arrogant, never a know – it – all, but more of an adventurer moving down a new road and sharing her enjoyment along the way. What fun. I love Brooke and, honestly, we haven’t really had many face – to – face conversations.

There need to be more Brooke’s in the world. I need to be more like Brooke. Not making cakes. Lord knows, I don’t need more sweets!

This week let’s work to be more like Brooke Tuttle and George Washington Carver. Won’t be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.

See you on the bricks!