On The Bricks

July 6, 2017

Food is interesting. Some people are so finicky in their eating habits, others are just hearty. The Football Families are going to be having a potluck on July 16 for 40 OPSU football players and if you like having your cooking appreciated, you should join us. Nothing like feeding fellows who don’t have a car, don’t have a cafeteria, and live in Goodwell while they’re working out hard … burning lots of calories. They can decimate a buffet.

Recently read in the Rotarian magazine that “Five portions of fruit and vegetables are great for your health, but 10 a day are even better. Imperial College London scientists analyzed 95 studies and confirmed that the five – a – day recommendation reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. But if people doubled that intake, an estimated 7.8 premature deaths worldwide could potentially be prevented each year. One small banana or three heaping tablespoons of cooked vegetables count as a portion.”

No expert here, but I don’t think French fries really count on this. But the veggies at the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings do! Come by and get some of the best fresh produce in the world. Vendors are ready to sell at 8 am and stay until 11 or until they sell out. The market is in front of the Texas County Courthouse, 4th and Main, in Guymon.

Sign in a restaurant window, “Come in, or we’ll both starve.” Now that’s funny.

Play Days for kids who love riding horses are happening at L&M Arena on July 12, 18, and 26. Call Mike or Lori Shannon at 580-654-0855 for more information. They’re even fun to just go watch.

Crochet for Charity and free crochet lessons (yarn and needle are free, too) start on July 11 and happen every Tuesday and Thursday in July after that from 5 – 6 pm. Bring your crochet project and join or come and learn how to crochet or help crochet lap robes for the nursing home. This all happens at the Main Street Guymon office, 116 NE 5th Street. Thanks so much to those who have donated yarn and needles.

The OPSU Belly Open golf tournament is this weekend. Good luck to all those who are supporting OPSU and swinging their clubs at this event.

The Ready Group meets on Sat., July 8, at 9:30 am in the First Christian Church.

That same evening is an Open Mic Night at the Guymon Community Theatre beginning at 6 pm. All are welcome to come!

And on July 15 is a country and western dance at the Senior Citizens Center, 515 NE 15th, in Guymon with 12 Gauge playing. Everyone is invited to be there!

Enjoy your time under the sun and on the bricks!