On The Bricks

June 20, 2022

          The Voices on the Santa Fe Trail went over well. The actors (volunteers) were fabulous and I loved the stories that were told. It made our history come alive. Who knew someone pickled the corpse of their father (in the coffin) so that when they came back through they could pick him up and bury him at home in Santa Fe? Who knew some Mexican families sent their children back east via the Santa Fe Trail for an education back east? Who knew cholera was such a killer on the trail? Who knew there was such a person as a Watcher to sit with someone to die and then catch back up with the wagon train? So many interesting stories.

          That was great and educational in a fun way.

          What was even better were the people (volunteers) who came out and helped clean the theatre. We spent 5 hours cleaning (I use “we” loosely because I didn’t work that hard) on two different nights. One mom with five kids and three other adults. I love those folks.

          We had volunteers that came and sold tickets and worked the concession stand.

          And then those who purchased tickets … love them too!

          There are a lot of good people in our community and they make it possible to have events like Voices on the Santa Fe Trail.

          And I haven’t even mentioned our sponsors yet. They believed we could do it. Having someone believe in you is important.

          The cast party was a blast too.

          We are blessed to be from this area where our neighbors help us out.

          How is your summer going?

          If you have kids or grandkids or neighbor kids, you might take them to the movie “Bubbles – Cosplay” on June 25th. This free movie is put on by the City of Guymon, one of a series. The next is Luca on July 16 and Jaws on July 30 (shown at the City Pool … that’s cool).

          Take care and enjoy your summer. Remember to say hello to your neighbors and tell your family you love them.

          See you on the bricks.