On The Bricks

June 22, 2018

There are so many people in Texas County who have served our country in the military, whether it be the Navy or the Army or the Air Force or whatever. And whether they were shot at or not, they were willing to serve and they took that chance. They were willing. They were there. They were ready.

The veterans banners on Main Street are wonderful. They make me proud. I don’t know all those folks and if you consider the one who fought for the Confederacy, we don’t all have the same political beliefs. But it doesn’t matter. I honor them. Every one of them.

Speaking to one friend who served, he said that he was never in danger and didn’t feel like he deserved to be on a banner. In my opinion, he’s wrong. He deserves one. His children deserve to look up as they are driving down our Main Street and seeing their fathers photo up there on a banner.

Jim Norris and the American Legion are offering something very important here. They are giving us a chance to build pride in our community, to honor those who have earned the right to be honored for their service … whether you like them personally or not.

So, if you belong to a church or to an organization or if you have a group of friends. If there is a veteran amongst you (living or dead, doesn’t matter), make a point of getting their banner up. The cost is $150 and it is a pretty simple process.

The veterans need to have lived in Texas County at some point in their lives. Call Jim Norris and let’s see more of our veterans hanging on those light poles. Let’s line the entire Main Street. We have people who deserve this.

The Guymon Daily Newspaper ran a list of veterans for Veterans Day … take a look at those many pages of names and help get them all honored.

We have a strong tradition of patriotism in the Panhandle. Let’s pass that on to our youngsters. The veterans banner program is one way to do so.

Thanks, Jim Norris, for giving our community this chance. We appreciate it.

And if you want to see a map of the banners, who is hanging where, the City of Guymon made one and it is posted on the front window at the Main Street Guymon office, 116 NE 5th Street.

See you on the bricks!