On The Bricks

June 30, 2014

The Guymon Daily Herald Readers Choice gave Main Street Guymon the Best Service Club. From our Main Street members, board of directors, and volunteers we want to say, “Thank you. We are honored.” To be viewed as a service organization is the highest compliment.

Keep helping us help. Main Street Guymon is made up of so many people … and we want you to be included! And especially thank you to those who pay their membership dues that help us provide our services and programs. The three largest supporters are City of Guymon Convention and Tourism, Bank of the Panhandle, and City National Bank. Special thanks to them … and to all others who assist! Every member is from Texas County and most have a business … they matter to us.

In fact, a bunch of our Main Street members got Readers Choice awards including Bank of the Panhandle, Brown and Associates Insurance, City National Bank, Chris Urias Photography, Custom Comfort, Dr. Manny Barias, Dizzy Bs, Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma, Harana MedSpa, Hitch Enterprises, Merle Norman, PTCI, Panhandle Pest Control, Pub on the Bricks, Reid’s Furniture, SPC, Urban Bru, Wirtz Lumber, and YMCA. And Main Street volunteers who were named in the Readers Choice include Dianna Brown, Elgie Davis, Leita Andvik and our wonderful Main Street Transformer Brayden Lehew. Proud of you all!

Talking to a friend of mine the other day who used to be a car salesman. When someone would come in asking for a donation, he would ask them where they bought their car. So often the cars were purchased out of town. He would then tell them that he would match whatever donation the company they purchased their car from donated. Nobody ever came back.

Remember. Support those who support you, your community, and your children. Give the first chance to the ones that hire your nephew, your neighbors, your friends. Care that they care. Or pay for your kids prom party yourself. Buy their baseball shirts yourself. Sponsor events yourself. Buy a yearbook ad for one of those stores you shop out of town. Get a reality check.

I’m a fat lady. I understand very well the need to purchase some things out of town. There isn’t a lot of choice for fat lady clothing in Guymon. So be it. Then I will get it elsewhere. But if it’s here … give our local businesses a chance. Likely they will treat you better and remember a lot longer that you shopped with them. Service is worth a lot.

And if the service is poor, give them a chance by telling them you are disappointed. And I don’t mean on facebook with some rant. I mean face to face. Communicate. Maybe they will improve. Maybe you will be more understanding.

This is a holiday week. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit family and friends, relax, or have a nice little trip. Whatever you’re doing this holiday weekend, savor it. Enjoy every moment.

And enjoy the Guymon Farmers Market that begins the first Saturday in July! It is going to be a great market this year. See us in front of the Texas County Courthouse at 4th and Main starting at 8 am until the goodies sell out.

God bless America!

See you on the bricks.