On The Bricks

March 3, 2017

Last weekend my youngest daughter had the wedding dress shopping adventure. It went very well and she found a beautiful dress. Myself, the bride, the bride’s sister, the bride’s sister-in-law, the bride’s granny (my mom), and the bride’s nieces (my granddaughters) all took part. Pretty sure the brothers would have been there, had they been invited.

What fun.

The big day is Sept. 23. And there is a reception with the groom’s family in Baton Rouge, La. That’s a big day, too, as far as I’m concerned.

There are so many reasons that this is perfect. The bride and groom aren’t babies, they’re like 30 or so. They don’t fight, they make one another laugh. I think they’re exceptional people. They are not rushing the planning or picking things that cost a lot. They know that the marriage, the ceremony itself, the commitment and the people are what matters, not impressing with fancy clothes or over the top decorations and such. This is their first marriage for both of them and they have no children. It’s like in proper order, you know?

It’s family at its best.

Marriage advice is probably not something I have earned the right to give, so I looked some up on the internet. Yes, really. I’ll share with you.

“Always strive to give your spouse the very best of yourself; not what’s left over after you have given your best to everyone else.” ~Dave Willis

“Marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than you so they won’t eat all of yours.” No idea who first said this.

“Marriage is … Finding the person who puts up with your crap, admires your weird little ways, and still says they love you at the end of the day.”

There were some other opinions and statements there with the advice that I thought bear mentioning as thoughts by a bride.

“He stole my heart so I am planning revenge … I am going to take his last name.”

“I love you today more than yesterday. Yesterday you got on my nerves.”

And then the final one, as stated by the pastor, “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now change your Facebook status.”

Ah, what fun. And a full six months to pray for them before they become man and wife. Life is good.

And I read somewhere that newlyweds should save an item from their wedding ceremony to use as a treasured Christmas ornament. Neat idea.

While you’re being attentive, there are a few happenings coming up that should be shared.

The Toastmasters are hosting a workshop that will help you get over the heebie geebies when you have to speak up in front of people. This workshop will help you conduct and participate in a business meeting, motivate people, interview for a job, sell ideas or products, and solve problems. That’s what the flier says. It should say that it will help you to not break out in a rash on your neck, sweat profusely, or stutter while having to do any public speaking.

Anyway, the Toastmasters workshop goes Mar. 7, 14 21, 28, and Apr. 4 at 7 pm. The cost is $15 a person. Call Barbara at 338-7570 or Velma at 651-2474 for more information.

Maybe Lisa and Keith should enroll so they can say “I do” with confidence.

Brayden Lehew is giving a public presentation on Alopecia Areata, which is an autoimmune disease resulting in the loss of hair, on Tues., Mar. 7 from 7 – 8 pm at the Guymon Public Library, 1718 N. Oklahoma. You should go just to meet this fabulous young man who has some health issues that are good to learn about. What is really good about his presentation is that he and his family are kind and caring and make the best of what has been given to them. You are blessed when you get the chance to meet them.

Family, again. A very special family.

And Panhandle Services for Children has a great opportunity for mothers and sons on Sat., Mar. 11. That evening is a date night where you come and go, having dinner together and just having fun. Relish in your relationship with your son. The cost is $30 per couple and $10 for extra son tickets … or mom tickets? This Dinner with a Prince takes place at the Methodist Enrichment Center, 6th and Quinn.

That morning of Mar. 11 is also the Livin’ Green 5K / 10K. You can walk or run with your friends or family. Go to to get your registration forms and see the route maps. There is even a half marathon run with it!

Now, go enjoy your family.

I’ll catch you on the bricks!