On The Bricks

May 23, 2019

One of my daughters gave me a book entitled “Between Me and You, Mom” and it has a bunch of open – ended questions to answer. The questions are ones that bring out things your kids might be interested in known about you or about what you think. Some of the questions were pretty thought provoking and took some time to answer.

As I went back and read what was asked and my answers, I thought that these would be good things to bring up in conversation between parents and kids. So often we think we know so much about someone, but the truth is that there is so much more to everyone.

So, one of the interesting questions was, “What interests and characteristics have you seen in me (your children) that you also had once upon a time?”

Every one of our kids has some of the same qualities as we, their parents. And when we find commonalities, then it’s it seems to be an easier relationship.

That question was followed by, “What characteristics do you think you and I share now?”

We can even bring in the grandparents as part of the conversation, if we want.

The next question was, “How do you think we are different?”

When I answered this one, I had to admit that my eldest son, Justin, has more patience than me and I always wish I was better at that. Missy is so happy to be at home; she loves being home and I wish I didn’t have such a wandering soul sometimes. I love how stable she is for her family. Lucas is such a researcher. I admire that in him because he goes to gain knowledge whereas I pretty much prefer to just be entertained. Lisa is very compassionate, and she has a willingness to DO something with her compassion. She acts out her compassion, helping people by cooking or babysitting or painting or visiting. That takes guts and energy.

Those are things that I should tell my children that I admire those qualities. We forget to tell our kids, too often, what we love about them. I’m pretty good at telling them what I think they’ve done poorly, and I should be just as diligent in telling them their good points.

And then there is the big question … “What do you think is my best quality?” Boy, this is one we need to tell our kids. They may not even realize we have noticed.

My eldest, Justin, is very accepting of people and their differences. He’s also opinionated, and I pray he doesn’t become so much more that he loses this acceptance. He has been a friend of the whole world for most of his life.

I respect Missy’s love of teaching. She loves helping people learn and bettering themselves. She nurtures all who let her and when we don’t, it can hurt her feelings. She was born to help people along their way.

Lucas’ best quality, in my opinion, is his intensity. I can also be his most irritating at times. To be around someone who lives life with such intensity and passion reminds me to never forget to live.

Lisa’s best quality is her earnest and fair honesty. She loves life and all that goes with it. It is heavenly to be part of her reality.

To be fair, I have three in – laws that deserve to know the same things. I am going to work on doing that because I have been very blessed with the folks my children have chosen to marry.

Then to book poses the question, “What do you think is my not – so – best quality?” I’m not going to share all my answers there, but I do have to repeat what I wrote about Lisa. “Lisa being the matchmaker for every stray dog is an emotional roller coaster for her.” So, it’s not my favorite quality because it is so hard on her. I do think it’s a good thing for someone to do, though.

And lastly, “So far, have I turned out pretty much the way you expected I would? Any surprises?”

So, maybe this little books questions have raised some topics you could visit with your kids about … they could be interesting!

The recent graduation cards could hold a few of these types of comments in them. Hope you’re all enjoying the graduations with your family and friends.

Support Group for Diabetics is at the Heritage Community Assisted Living facility at 5:30 pm on May 27.

Family Game Night at the Guymon Public Library is May 28 from 5 to 7 pm.

I read in the newspaper that the Carson and Barnes Circus will be at the fairgrounds on May 30 with shows at 4:30 and 7:30 pm.

Friends of the Library Afternoon Friendship Tea with Author Jodi Thomas is June 1 at 3 pm in the library.

Some fun things coming up to do in Guymon!

See you on the bricks.