On The Bricks

November 29, 2017

Do you like hearing folk tales? In the Colorado Life magazine this month there is the story of a miracle at Colorado’s oldest church. I found it really interesting.

“The San Luis Valley was Ute territory when Hispanic settlers founded the village of Culebra Abajo there in 1853. Ute warriors, unhappy with the intruders, set out to attack the village while the men were away tending their sheep.

“The terrified villagers prayed to Saint Agathius, or San Acadio, for protection. According to local lore, the Utes suddenly halted their attack when a vision of heavily armed warriors appeared out of nowhere to protect the village. To celebrate this miracle, residents named their town San Acadio and built a church in the saint’s honor. The adobe San Acadio Mission Church, completed in 1868, still stands as the oldest church building in Colorado, and a stained – glass image of the saint watches over the faithful.”

The town of San Acadio promptly earned a spot on my “visit someday” list. The story reminds me of Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM, one of my favorite of all places to go. And if you like stories like those, be sure to watch the old Sidney Poitier movie “Lilies of the Field.” Oh, man, it’s the best.

Do you have a list of places you want to visit someday?

I get teased all the time because I want to plan everyone’s holiday trips. Yes, where to visit, the route to drive, the whole thing. I can even put in interesting bathroom stops if you have little kids. Don’t laugh. Everyone needs a hobby. And mine doesn’t cost a thing … for me!

Are you in the midst of buying Christmas presents? Remember, it isn’t the cost … it’s how much they want them! Seriously, I would rather get a box of fruit teas that I love than some expensive gadget I can’t figure out. While shopping, be sure to use your TCEC Connections Card and get a little discount at some places.

You can use your card and Guymon Tire and Auto and get 5% off purchase of four tires. Wouldn’t that be nice to have someone buy you new tires for Christmas? Yikes, I would love it. Or, you could take that person’s car down and have the oil changed and get $5 off. Great gift and you save five dollars! Check out to learn of other places you can use your card and what you get back.

Be sure to use your card if you buy some spirits for the holidays at Dancer’s. That’s a thought for another good gift for drinkers. A little eggnog, anyone?

And remember when you go to the grocery store, you might get a little bit for the local food pantry, Loaves and Fishes. Or just drop them a check to help? I remember reading in an old Rotarian magazine where the Rotarian interviewed said, “When hunger and education compete, hunger always wins.” We need to remember there are hungry people all around us.

Another great gift to someone who enjoys the Guymon Community Theatre are season tickets! Speaking of, they have the play “Oklahoma” coming the first of December.

Have fun finding the perfect gifts and enjoy visiting our unique and fabulous Guymon stores to find them.

See you on the bricks!