On The Bricks

November 29, 2022

For about five years, people come in the Main Street Guymon office to ask where they could take an English class. Most were Spanish speakers, some were African.

First, I called the Guymon schools and they had a class, but when the folks went to the class, there was no teacher and the doors were locked. So, I called the local university and they didn’t have a class. Then I learned there was a great class in Liberal. But they only took so many people and it quickly filled.

Year after year, off and on this would happen. I suggested to the local librarian that there were people looking for a class. My thought was the schools and library probably had funding available for such a class. I didn’t know that for a fact, but I thought it made sense. And they certainly had access to educators.

But, alas, this didn’t seem to happen.

Until the Guymon Fiesta in 2022.

Until the girl who wants to be a teacher was crowned Guymon Fiesta Queen.

Anahi Espinoza was named Fiesta Queen and wants to attend college to be a teacher. While visiting with her, I learned she always wanted to teach an English class for Spanish speakers. She knows how difficult it is for her mother not knowing English.

Before long, Anahi is teaching English at the Main Street Guymon office. She has the class on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 (more like 6:30) and on Sunday from 3-4 (more realistically 4:30 or 5). This young 17-year-old high school senior who has As and a job as a check-out at Carter’s Market, had one person her first class. Two people came her second class, four the third class, and 20 on the fourth class.

Into the second month every chair in the Main Street Guymon office is filled and there is no more room. Anahi is doing an excellent job. She has been reading online on how to teach adults English and she gets the worksheets from the web, too.

Main Street Guymon has no funds for the program. But it’s happening. And it’s happening in full force. How this young girl can keep her grades up, have a job, and still finds the time and energy to come to English class three times a week with a smile and proceed to help her students is amazing to me.

Anahi Espinoza is a Superhero … and she’s from Guymon. And Main Street Guymon is lucky to have her as a volunteer.

Reminds me of something I read once … Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader … they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal.

See you on the bricks!