On The Bricks

October 14, 2019

Last week had some interesting moments. First, a very nice lady came in who had questions about the veteran’s banners on Main Street. At first, she was a little nervous because she didn’t know if she was in the right place and then we got to visiting. She had a photo of her older brother who was in WWII and she had written up what his wife could recall about his service. We talked and at one point she had tears, as did I. My heart went out to her because she missed her brother so much.
It is my hope that we all love our siblings so much that we miss them as much as that sweet woman misses her brother. That we are kind and good to our family and that they mourn us when we are gone. That the memories they have bring a tear to their eye and a smile to their face. We have to work at being the person that brings this. I don’t think it’s easy, but it looks to me that it’s worth it the effort.
The same day two of the local Mormon missionary girls came in and sat down, asking about ways they could help in the community. Another example set by some very young girls, an example of who I want to work harder at being. Their eyes lit up and they smiled so big when I told them the Golden Senior Olympics was coming up (on Oct. 18) and they might need some help. They were so open to doing good deeds and it didn’t have to be on their terms or for their own ends, it was just to help people.
It was a lovely time getting to speak with these two young ladies and discuss all sorts of things happening in the community. They set my personal goals up a notch, too.
God seemed to be in the mood to motivate me to be a better person and was showing mean in a way that I couldn’t miss. He’s good that way.
On Friday, the Career Focus Professional Development class met at the library, they’re all there at 8:30 in the morning, with smiles on their faces and coffee in hand. Toni Mathis (with PTCI) always comes in first because she knows that we will need some technical assistance and she is there to help.
Nayely Mesta – Esquivel (with PCHC) comes in next and since the second class she has come in, said “Good morning” and then proceeded to go on in and make the coffee. I love someone that just helps, without making a big deal about it, without expecting any big pats on the back.
During the class, there was a little noise in the hallway and Erica Velasquez (with Brown and Associates), quietly got up from her chair, shut the door, and there wasn’t a ripple missed in the class, it was all smooth and another just taking initiative to do what needed done.
It is good to notice these people in our lives, in our days. And it is even more important to tell them thank you … and to make it a point to improve our actions. It’s never a bad time to give back what has been given to you. And for those days when we feel that there isn’t much positivity around, to be the one to bring it into the room.
Sounds easy. And some people make it look easy. Maybe it gets easier the more you do it. I hope to find out.
Here are several community activities coming up that you might consider taking part in:
• The Rocky Horror Picture Show is being shown at the Guymon Community Theatre on Oct. 18 at 7:30 pm;
• Wirtz Lumber is celebrating their 95th business birthday on Oct. 19, from 11 am to 2 pm and would love to have you come in;
• Library is having the Mystery Party at the Speakeasy, $10 per person, on Oct. 19 from 4 to 6 pm and need some men for the parts, especially;
• Chamber Banquet is on Oct. 22 at Pickle Creek and will have the Dueling Pianos perform that evening;
• Oct. 22 is the Dementia Support Group, contact Phyllis Stokes at 580-651-9132 for more information;
• And Main Street Guymon’s Pangaea is coming on Oct. 29!!!!
Hope to see you out and about and on the bricks!