On The Bricks

September 11, 2017

“Food is nourishment. Food creates bonds. Food offers moments to start conversations. Food is a connection to our past, present, and future. Food doesn’t define us, but invites us to cherish and share our unique identity in community.” This thought comes from Jennifer Younker in our church magazine. She is so right.

When you sit and break bread with another person, you are starting to build a relationship. Food, part of our culture, is a way to share who we are. It is not threatening to most people.

Many Guymon Hispanics are inviting everyone to the Guymon Fiesta on Sunday, Sept. 17. On Fifth and Main there is entertainment and kids games and lots and lots of food. This is the 21st year and what Fiesta has become is a delicious celebration of our Hispanic population, but it is most known for the food vendors. Many church groups come in and cook for the visitors.

Vendors are selling enchiladas and gorditos and fruit cups and oh, so much more. It’s fun and it’s tasty.

The event starts at 3 pm and goes until 8. Don’t make supper plans, just make plans to come to the Fiesta and partake in this celebration of the Taste of Sharing. And give your kids plenty of time to take part in the games and fun and enjoy being at the table with your friends and family.

This year’s Fiesta is a Main Street Guymon event and is sponsored by Bank of the Panhandle, CRI Feeders, Cargil Animal Nutrition, Charles White Insurance, City Bank and Trust, David Petty, Golden Crown, Hitch Enterprises, Guymon Tire, Guymon Convention and Tourism, MidFirst Bank, PCHC, PTCI, Phipps Dental Practice, TCEC, Trunchbull Services, and Vyve Broadband. It is important to notice who supports our community events and community activities. They deserve to be supported by us in return.

When was the last time you thanked a sponsor for something that you enjoyed? Maybe it’s your child or grandchild playing Kids Inc. basketball. Did you write a note or send a thank you gift to the business that sponsored that team? Maybe a bit of food.

You know, when we don’t know what to say, in our Midwestern culture we tend to send food. Like after a death or accident. We also send food or flowers when there is something great. Like a wedding reception, a baby shower, a retirement dinner. Sponsors deserve some of this same respect.

The Panhandle Partners fund raiser is being held early in October. They are a group that helps a lot of people who are in a personal fight against cancer. They have probably helped someone who is important to you. If they have, it would be a good thing to go and support them in return.
We know how to be good neighbors. Now let’s do it. It isn’t what we know, it is what we do. Knowledge is only as helpful as your actions with it.

This week I get the chance to spend time with some folks who are taking action. On Wednesday morning is the Breakfast and Business meeting at the Bank of the Panhandle where people who really want to learn more about making their business better come to share. The one – hour class this week is about money. That meeting starts at 8 am and it’s a great way to start the day!

Then on Friday we have our first Career Focus class, made up of 16 people who want to improve their professional skill level.

I love being around people who want to improve, who want to grow, who want to learn.

It’s a great week and on Sunday we have the Fiesta. Such a fun time.

See you on the bricks!