On The Bricks

September 21, 2014

The American Theater, located on the fourth block of Main, had their Grand Opening on Saturday, Jan. 14, 1928, at 7:30 pm. The opening prices for the movie were 25 and 50 cents. That theater is still serving a wonderful purpose in our town.

For 35 seasons the Guymon Community Theaters has been presenting wonderful productions, 115 to be exact, in the same building!

“The Blue Haired Belles of the Burger Bar” is soon to be on the stage. Directed by Kasey Russell and assisted b y Josh Setzer, the cast is Brenda Teegarden, Jackie Mathis, Sarah Russell, Brad Teegarden, Evelyn Cartwright, June Wadley, Brenda Bridwell, Setzer, Robert Henson, and Marlene Henson. Now, it doesn’t matter if you know any of these people or not. I’m pretty sure that you’ll know one of the characters in the play.

Woody Leonard of Woodward wrote this dramatic comedy of some older women who like to talk …. Now you see why I said you probably knew one of the characters! We all know at least one of those ladies, don’t we?

Well, it’s time to let loose of $8 and go watch this fun play put on by some hard working volunteers. Oct. 3, 4, 10, and 11 the play is at 7 pm and on Oct. 5 and 12 (Sundays) it is at 2 pm. Call 580-338-0019 to make your reservations.

The Main Street Mobsters are going to hit the performance on the 10th. So, if you feel awkward going to the play alone, sign up and mob with us! Can’t be a more fun group to go with than this one. Of course I would think that.

Another note for those who are theater lovers … Auditions for “Miracle on 34th Street” are Sunday, Oct. 5, and Monday, Oct. 6, from 6 to 9 pm. There are parts for men, women, and children. It’s your time to be a part of a Christmas Miracle! You do not need to have experience to be a part of the Guymon Community Theater. This play is directed by Charles Michael and assisted by Jerry Wadley.

Remember, beautiful minds inspire others. Attending this play could inspire you!

Here are a few dates to put on your calendar if it’s something you might enjoy. Or maybe you should take someone that might enjoy it. Or maybe you should step out of your comfort zone and go to something that isn’t your norm. Whatever the case may be, here are some opportunities for a good time:

Cowboy Cookout, Sept. 27, just south of the railroad track on the east side of Main Street, on 2nd Street. There is a half a block blocked off for some western fun. It is going to be great fun! It goes from 2 – 6 and there’s even a plate of calf fries and BBQ to be purchased. Proceeds go to fund Main Street programs and their wonderful and fabulous director’s other crazy ideas.

Oklahoma Panhandle Partners who help local people that are fighting cancer has their Tuscany on the Plains fund raising party on Thursday, Oct. 2, at Pickle Creek from 6 pm on. Party tickets are $20 per person.

On Oct. 5 following the 80th Annual Meeting of the No Man’s Land Historical Society at the Moylene Bridgewater Davis Scouting Center in Goodwell, there is a book signing by Charles Miller for his newly released book “No Man’s Land and a New Beginning.” The book is also available for purchase at the museum.

And be sure not to miss the Archaeology presentation by Dr. Marjy Duncan of the Oklahoma Archeological Survey on the Two Sisters Site (an Antelope Creek Plains Village) near Guymon. This is being held at the Guymon Public Library on Oct. 25 from 2 to 3 pm. There is no cost and it brought to you by your own Main Street Guymon!

Lots going on and a good time to see you on the bricks!