On The Bricks

April 24, 2017

Today is simple. I am simple. For those reasons, I am just going to copy a piece I recently read.

“My first eight grades were spent in a rural one – room school. I struggled to learn to read and had difficulty with spelling and grammar. My high school English papers were returned with red circles marked around the many errors and a D written on the top of the page.

“My senior year English teacher, however, was different. She assigned the task of writing an essay on The Lord of the Flies. My paper dealt with the evil in the world. To my surprise, I received an A. She praised the content of the paper, and this made a difference in my life.

“When I write devotions and sermons, the inspiration for them comes from the Lord, but the encouragement to write is a result of that English teacher. She was an instrument from God making a difference in my life. She encouraged me to write and to make a difference in young people’s lives.

“Which teacher inspired you? How have you been an inspiration to others?”

Provokes some thought, doesn’t it?

Here’s another thought. Just because a preacher speaks to his congregation every week and just because a teacher speaks in front of a class every day, this does not mean that their speaking skills cannot improve. Everyone’s speaking skills need to improve.

The best and most enjoyable way to improve your speaking skills is to join a Toastmasters Club. There are two in Guymon, one that meets in the morning over breakfast and one that meetings in the evening, both on a weekly basis. Sitting amongst others who know they can improve how they speak, or can get to the point that they can talk in front of a group, you work on your speaking skills at your own speed and surrounded by people who understand and who share positive instruction. Call Dianna Brown at 580-338-7270 to learn more about visiting this group.

Now let’s all go forth and be an inspiration.

See you on the bricks.