On The Bricks

April 4, 2022

This has been a wonderful week here at Main Street Guymon. Hope it has been for you, too. It is a fact that our attitude can make the day better, but some days that is difficult. Not today!!!

El Ranchito Mariscos and Birria, a restaurant at 1214 N. Main got a visit from a couple of our Main Street Guymon volunteers this week. They had received an award at our Awards Banquet in February and nobody was there to get it, so we delivered and did a photo op. We scheduled the visit at 1 and while there, Donna Riffel ordered lunch. Wow. If you like a large amount of food, you’ll love going there to eat. If you have a smaller appetite, you need to know that you should share with someone or enjoy leftovers at a later meal. The food was delicious.

Their most popular dish is the Birria Taco, which is beef and so delicious that one customer said his brother drives over from Liberal just to get these tacos. The owner, Abraham Rocha, said he learned to make them from his mom.

You might want to visit El Ranchito. The walls are bright colors and the decorations are nautical to go with the seafood menu. They’re on facebook under El Ranchito Mariscos and Birria if you want to do a little internet sleuthing.

We also had La Amistad, a clothing and accessories store at 508 N. Main since 2004, join Main Street Guymon. Whenever we get new members, it makes me so proud of all the work our volunteers do to make membership here a worthwhile investment in our store owners and managers mind. We’ll be posting more about La Amistad in the future. You might take a moment and visit them.

This made me laugh, “I’m writing a book about all the things I should be doing in my life. It’s an oughtobiography.” That’s funny. And it’s good … we should be looking at how we’re treating life once in awhile. It’s not a bad thing to decide to do better. Ever. I oughta get my Passport reissued. Recently noticed it expired in 2015. That came to my attention when gathering stuff to get my lapsed drivers license fixed. Certainly seems a babysitter might be necessary for me. Would have put a reminder on my computer but couldn’t remember my password.

Hold on in this wind.

See you on the bricks.