On The Bricks

August 10, 2019

For those of us that love to read and hate tossing a book away, here is a way to pass on your paperbacks.
Operation Paperback is a non-profit organization that can help you share your gently – used paperback books to American troops overseas and veterans and military families here in the United States. Since 1999, over 2 million books have been shipped through this program.
Operation Paperback provides books to wounded warrior programs and veteran’s hospitals in the U.S., as well as USO centers at U.S. airport transit points. In 2112, they added a program to ship books to any military family.
You can go online to and click on the “send books” point and sign up to be a volunteer shipper. The volunteer shipper collects and ships their own books using the addresses they provide. The list they provide is generated by the genres you have to ship, and the program generates a customize address label to use. You label the books and insert their standard shipping letter or write one of your own. Pack the box, address it, and mail it off at the post office.
This is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible.
And if you have children’s books, they can be donated to the Bus 6 program here in Guymon. If you have some, bring them on by the Main Street Guymon office and we’ll make sure they get to the right folks!
Talk about know, there is a program on the people from Burma (also knows as Myanmar) at the Guymon Public Library on Sunday, Aug. 25, from 2 to 3:30 pm. This is part of the Main Street Guymon program “Know Your Neighbor.” Guymon has a significant population of people who have been living in Guymon for a long time. It’s good to learn a little about why the people from Burma have chosen to move to the United States, and Guymon in particular.
The next day is Aug. 26 and the day the Diabetes Support Group meetings at the Heritage Community at 5:30 pm. All are welcome to attend this free support group that has a program each month.
Does it sometimes feel that you’re always being rejected? That everyone is always telling you “no?” You can also use these moments as learning tools. Go to and you’ll find Jia Jiang teaches individuals and organizations that the fear of rejection is usually more damaging than the actual experience. In fact, he believes that looking at rejection with open – minded curiosity can be an impressive catalyst for success.
That’s an interesting concept.
When you’re down in the dumps, you can also look at these 10 signs that show you’re doing pretty good in life.
1. You have a roof over your head.
2. You ate today.
3. You have a good heart.
4. You wish good for others.
5. You have clean water.
6. Someone cares for you.
7. You strive to be better.
8. You have clean clothes.
9. You have a dream.
10. You’re breathing.
Be thankful for the little things, for they are the most important.
I am thankful for each and every one of you that support Main Street Guymon, our local businesses, and our community.
See you on the bricks!