On The Bricks

August 15, 2022

Good morning. It’s a warm summer morning and Fall is getting closer and closer. Looking forward to the Fall. Then we have the cool mornings at the Farmers Market, pumpkin patch for the kids, football games, and kids on a regular schedule again. Life is good.

Speaking about football and the good life, most coaches will tell you the team member who is the most coachable (listens to the coach and works to do what the coach asks) is far more valuable than the team member who has lots of God – given talent but won’t listen. Seems this is true in life, too.

A friend shared a list last weekend that put it all in perspective. The list is titled “10 Things that Require Zero Talent.” The list reads:

  • Being on time
  • Making an effort
  • Being high energy
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Being passionate
  • Using good body language
  • Being coachable
  • Doing a little extra
  • Being prepared
  • Having a strong work ethic.

Those are some of the most important things we can each aspire to have. These make up the best employees. The best co-workers. The best friends. The family members you love seeing. The best teammates. The best humans.

Last Sunday four of the Alma Folklorica Alumni met and played some cards with members of this year’s high school dance troupe. It’s fun to get to know the young ones and to help encourage them. And it’s really fun to beat them in cards. Each of the Alma needs to remember that their year dancing the traditional Mexican folkloric dances as a troupe will be better if they all work to follow the ten things listed above. I know they have some good mentors from the alumni who are here in town. My hat goes off to Maritsa Barrios, Selina Gaucin, Neriedy Medina, and Maribel Mesta. That Maritsa worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Teri Mora organizing all the dance costumes … carrying boxes up and down stairs and ladders and everything. They are AWESOME!

This month I have a training in Yukon with Oklahoma Main Street and I will strive to be better at each of these things! Which ones are you going to work on?

Aug. 27 will be the first OPSU home football game at 6 pm. Our Aggie Families are getting ready for the season!

Sept. 3 is Labor Day and I wish you all a happy and restful holiday.

See you on the bricks.