On The Bricks

August 26, 2019

Last weekend had several good things going on. Hoping that you were able to take part in some of them.
Saturday morning’s Farmer’s Market was awesome. We only have September Saturday’s remaining to embrace the market. Took home some cucumbers, pumpkin bread, green beans, okra, and cantaloupe. Was too late to get some of Sarah Wiebe’s sour dough bread. It was difficult breaking that little bit of news to my dad.
Sue Smith called me last week and said that she appreciates the Farmers Market so much that she wanted to become a Main Street Guymon member. I love that! Not just that we’ll have a new member, but that someone appreciates what our volunteers are working so hard at doing. Thanks, Sue!
Then about half – way through the morning, there at the market was the Dog Parade, part of Main Street Guymon’s Meet Me at the Market events. What a great time. Charles White Insurance crew presented this event and there were some of the cutest dog costumes and dogs you ever saw. I smiled all the way home thinking of it. Main Street Guymon’s set the registration fee to go to the City of Guymon Animal Shelter, all $39 of it! And there was April Coble taking photos at the Dog Parade for the newspaper. Yep, working on Saturday. We appreciate you, April and the Guymon Daily Herald.
The Car Show happened that afternoon.
The OPSU soccer games took place that evening, with the girls winning their first game. I remember when we had soccer on the OPSU campus in the 70s. It was pretty exciting then. Most of the team was made up of students from Nigeria back then.
Then on Sunday I hope you all went to church. I tuckered out and missed church (which my kids said was excellent) and even missed the family lunch. Feeling old can be exhausting.
The Know Your Neighbor Event about Burma / Myanmar took place on Sunday and went really well. That was a Main Street Guymon event, sponsored by Seaboard Foods.
There were probably other things happening, too, like the feeding of the animals at the Game Reserve on Saturday morning.
We finished the weekend with a friendly game of six – point pitch, my twin son and daughter and I, on Sunday.
If you didn’t have a great weekend, then join us for some of our community events that are coming up!
The City of Guymon is showing a movie on the evening of Aug. 30 at Cross Park behind the YMCA on Oklahoma Street.
Farmers Market starts on Saturday morning, Sept. 7, and the Baby Beauty Contest begins at 10 (registration at 9:30) and presented by Golden Crown.
The Guymon Firefighter Ball is on Sept. 7 at Pickle Creek.
The Meet Me at the Market events on Sat., Sept. 14 are the Salsa Contest (who is the best salsa maker?) and the Art Walk.
Guymon Fiesta happens on Sunday, Sept. 15, from 3-8 pm at 5th and Main. Lots of great food vendors and things to do.
We all have an opportunity to participate in many community activities and each and every person that attended any of the recent event, thank you. And extra thank you and blessings sent to those who sponsored these events. You’re all keeping our community alive!