On The Bricks

August 27, 2014

It was a Saturday and I came in early because of the Farmers Market. I love going to the market. I don’t love getting up early and getting ready to go to work for it, though. Then there were a couple of meetings. Those went well. At that point I got to go home.

An invitation to an evening at the Willows for a senior piano recital sat there staring at me on the table at home. I really should go because the person it was for has been a great Main Street volunteer. My lazy self really wanted to stay at home though and not add that 40 miles to my day, grunge around in my nightgown and sort of act like a sloth.

But I went.

There we sat out on the lawn and the weather was wonderful. The music was beautiful. The people were friendly. The food was good. I met some people I had not met before. And I liked them.

I was one of the last four to leave this event that I really considered skipping.

We shouldn’t skip things out of laziness. Often those we aren’t really excited about turn out to be wonderful. My evening was fun and enjoyable. I smiled the whole way home.

Thank you for inviting me, Deirdre Harbison. You play the piano like a dream. And your choice of the Willows backyard for your recital was heavenly.

What opportunities have you missed lately because you listened to the lazy / negative part of you? Be careful.

And on those days you’re feeling a little tacky and hateful, remember what Charlie Chaplin said, “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”

Speaking of smiles, today there was a conversation going in my office about Hal and Pat Clark, owner of Clarks Auto Ranch. Actually the conversation was about being a woman and feeling like car salesmen try to pull one over on women. But then the comment came, “But I trust Hal Clark.”

What followed was a story about Hal when this 55 year old lady was really young and bought her first car. She remembered exactly what Hal said to her, because it made her feel so good.

And then someone added how sweet and nice Pat always was when you went in the business. The Hal and Pat stories brought smiles.

A person can’t help but hope when we’re not in the room people talk about us the way they talk about Hal and Pat. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case with me. Probably ought to work on that patience thing a little more. Might ought to try to keep my mouth shut, too. I do realize that everyone isn’t interested in my opinion, I just seem to remember it when I’m alone.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

We don’t have to be rocket scientists or Nobel Peace Prize winners. We need to work when we’re supposed to, be dependable, speak nice, and encourage others. Sounds easy, but it doesn’t seem to be so. No excuse not to continually try to achieve those actions.

And don’t forget to have fun, don’t continually miss those opportunities.

Here are a few opportunities coming up to mark on your to – do list:

  • Farmers Market on Saturday mornings at 8 am. Bring your smiles because it is a happy place to be!
  • Go to the country and western dance with the live music of Cottonwood on Aug. 30 at No Man’s Land Center, 15th and East Street. It’s exercise and fun.
  • Ever wanted to learn how to do ceramics? Visit the Merry Makers Ceramic Club on Sept. 3 at the Main Street Guymon office from 6:30 – 9:00 pm.
  • Panhandle Cowboy Classic Ranch Rodeo at Hitch Arena on Sept. 5 and 6, beginning at 7 pm. Not sure about the cost to get in. But I heard this is going to be huge! Rumor has it there are 22 teams registered.
  • Hooker Car Show on Sept. 6 from 9 am to 4 pm, downtown Hooker.
  • That same evening of Sept. 6 is the Firefighters Ball. It’s a fancy dress up occasion and I have tickets for sale here at the office.
  • Zentangle class at The Studio, 209 N Roosevelt, on Sept. 27 is worthy of all you creative people putting it on your calendar. Class starts at 2 pm.
  • Archaeology Presentation on Oct. 25 at the Guymon Public Library starting at 2 pm. Presenter is Dr. Marjy Duncan of the Oklahoma Archeological Survey and is about the Two Sisters Site, an Antelope Creek plains village.

Lots of fun things happening.

Hope to see you there!