On The Bricks

August 4, 2014

Recently I have been thrown in with some really awesome and wonderful people who are just trying to do good things. I love them for it.

But there have been a few pissants in the mix that really kind of make your brow furrow and your nose crinkle up like there is a bad smell in the room.

I had some wise words spoken within my hearing (at a Bible study) when I was young … newly married and with three little babies. An old lady from the community was there. She was nice. Always nice. And we all knew that her husband had been an alcoholic for many years, they had started out really poor, and so her life had some real ups and downs. She said at the study “I just try to do what is right.” I have no recollection of the rest of the study, but that is in my mind like I heard it yesterday. I hope most days I remember to live by those words.

There are the kind of people that just get things done because it is the right thing to do. You might not agree with them that it is the right thing, but there is no doubt that they are doers. They usually want to get something done, to accomplish something. Then there are those who want to get credit, to be in the limelight. They have a different motive, one to feed their ego.

There are those standing in front trying to look important. They are usually talking loud. Those getting things done are often in the background, working up a sweat. I like the sweaty ones.

Then there are those who like to talk negative about others, thinking that they are building themselves up by tearing others down. They need to realize they are doing quite the opposite. Working together rather than talking about one another is so much more effective.

And then there are cautious people and there are lazy people. Cautious folks sometimes keep people like me out of trouble, so I don’t have a problem with them. Lazy people are just tiresome. I resent the oxygen they use up. I cannot do nearly what I could 20 years ago, but I can still get something done in a day. And I would rather do something than regret not doing anything.

And there are those that tell you they are honest while they are talking through the side of their mouth trying to manipulate you. Do they not realize eventually you get their number and you just avoid them? If you say you will do something, do it. Period. It’s a lie when you say you will and you are planning to not do it. Liars aren’t to be trusted. And this is a place I fail. I should stand by my word better.

But the majority of the people I work with are honesty, full of integrity, just trying to do what is right with the time they have available, they love their family, they work hard at their job, and they are positive about their community. They might be lazy once in awhile, but on the normal day they get a full days work done. They appreciate what is theirs and the opportunities they have been given in this life.

They are good partners. They care. Those folks in my life this month include Jada Breeden and Earl Helm. What troopers! They have done fabulous and wonderful things for the community in bringing the professional bull riding. Jada does so much on so many events, almost daily ones. I am in constant awe of her work!

Teri Mora and her work with the Upward Bound and Alma kids is unbelievable. I loved the dance performance last Saturday and all that they have accomplished. I love that she went to school to help one girl enroll that didn’t have a parent to go with her. Teri Mora is always giving and giving. She doesn’t seem to need sleep, either! Now that I find crazy. But it seems to work for her.

Dorothy Countryman goes past her sadness at missing Doc and makes our world a better place. She helps me all the time. She is always there for those who need a shoulder or an ear. She is such a lovely person and she only does it because it’s the right thing to do.

Vonda Wilkins, Soila Medina, and Nathalie Perez are some of the grandest Main Street volunteers that ever took a breath. They understand what the goal is, to help the community, and they work towards that. They know that we need to work to help our business members, we need to offer what the community needs and wants. They work towards that goal. And my poor treasurer, Elgie Davis, just smiles while I hand her a folder of my scratching and she just does that stuff with the numbers. I love them all.

Recently Shawna Portillo has been working with her son on a 5K run that takes place Aug. 22. Wow, they are a pair to be reckoned with. I admire so much about Shawna. We who get to work with the Portillos are so lucky.

That was last week. I wonder what awesome and wonderful people I’ll meet next week!

Don’t forget Azuma: An African Celebration is on Sunday, Aug. 8, starting at 4 pm at 5th and Main. There are some folks going to be there sharing their culture from Africa. It is beautiful and it is wonderful they want to share. And I need to thank Seaboard Foods and the following churches for helping financially with the festival; Panhandle Bible Center, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Victory Memorial United Methodist Church, and First Presbyterian Church. Thank you so much and may God’s blessings rain on you for your kindness.

See you on the bricks. It’s a fine time to be there.