On The Bricks

July 23, 2014

There are some weeks that go by and you just sit back and say, “wow.” Thank goodness this one is almost over. I can only take so many wows.

Monday night John Board spoke at our first Wit and Wisdom Evening. It is a casual, great catered meal, with one speaker. Our chosen first speaker was John Board. And I have to say, the committee chose well. He entertained and made us thought with the topics of his short talk. We laughed and we thought. And at the end one of the people at my table commented how much they had enjoyed the evening.

First, you can’t go wrong when you have Virgil Gibson catering. Even if you weren’t impressed with the fabulous meal, once you got the puffed pastry with strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, you would have been happy as a sugared lark. And, no, I have no idea what a sugared lark is, but I’m imagining it’s very happy.

The company was great. Dick Jackson, Bob and Phyllis Anderson, Dave and Sharon Petty, Sara Richter, Dean Kear, and all were just good company. Four of the Alma and Upward Bound kids were there to help by setting up, cleaning up, and serving. They also got to enjoy the meal and hearing John speak.

There is something right about the kids hearing the community elders talk. I felt good about being a part of it.

And it raised funds for Main Street Guymon programs.

Helpful and good. Awesome. A great way to start the week.

Then on Tuesday we filmed the August On the Bricks TV Show with PTCI. I had some great people there for the taping including Dylan Portillo and his family, Kayla McCarter who is such a dedicated Main Street volunteer, Jennie Watkins, and Reyna Ochoa and Jaime Guerrero. They sat there while I interviewed the first person, Fidel Lual. Oh my. Fidel is such a kind and giving man who has had a harsh life that none of us can even comprehend. But through all those hard time as a Lost Boy of Sudan, leaving his family at age 11, living in refugee camps, terrible hardships, finally coming to America and having to learn so many new things (like running water as an example), today he is happy and the father of two kids and the husband to a beautiful lady.

And Fidel softly answers questions about his history and then about how he appreciates where he is and what has been done for him. He thanks his employers for his good job and he tells everyone thank you for coming to the Azuma festival last year and letting this share part of their African culture with us.

And Fidel is there to invite everyone to Azuma this year on Aug. 10.

As he finished talking, I looked at the faces in the room and I could see the admiration in everyone’s countenance. Fidel is one of those people that you know God has blessed you just in being able to know him. Oh, I’m sure he’s not perfect and I bet his wife gets irritated at him and someday he will embarrass his children. That’s just a given. But Fidel is exceptional. I hope you get to meet him. You, too, will be blessed if you do.

Then we had another fund raiser, a drawing, that finished on Tuesday. That was for 10 meals at either / or Urban Bru or the Pub on the Bricks. We made over $600 for Main Street and we got to promote two of our Main Street members. How good is that?

But once again Main Street volunteers stepped up and sold tickets. And they did it with a grin. I thought Jezebel DeLaGarza – Muniz was going to hurt my ear when I told her the winner – because she had SOLD the ticket to Eloy Montanez! Now that’s funny. She was so happy because one of her ticket buyers won. What a hoot. I think Eloy was happy, too!

All these people working together to make things happen in our community. I love it. Oh, and John Board even insisted on paying for his meal. What a guy.

I love the people of this area. They’re the best.

And I appreciate all of you that help, that participate, and those that have positive attitudes. But most of all I appreciate Fidel because he reminds me of all the things that I have to be happy about.

And I am so thankful that I get to work at the PBR on Saturday. I think if I keep saying it, by Saturday I really will be!

See your happy face on the bricks!