On The Bricks

December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving is over for another year. And I’m so glad that I don’t have to see all those inane facebook posts about all the things that people are thankful for. Sometimes I think they think they’re back in school writing a paper for the teacher and trying to write what the teacher wants to hear.

First, if you are only thankful for your family once a year and only say it on facebook rather than telling them, shame on you. And do you think being thankful for your family is some sort of epiphany? I hope it isn’t.

I was thankful for my grandson Nick when he cleaned out my gutters. And thankful for my grandson Will when he lays his head on my shoulder while we are sitting in the pew at church. When my daughter acts like she enjoys taking her mother to the Thunder game, that’s when I’m thankful for Lisa. Not because it is Thanksgiving.

There are other things to be thankful for. Toilet paper comes to mind. What a great invention!

Calculators being cheap now is another thing to be thankful for. In a discussion recently, one person said he spent $78 for the first T1 calculator and the kids in school were not to be allowed to use them because “the common man will never be able to afford a calculator.” That wasn’t that long ago this was said. Wow. Now you get a simple little calculator free as a give – away.

So we should be thankful calculators are cheap. Especially people like me who are terrible at math should be happy.
I am thankful that my friend Chris Shade invited me to go to the Guymon High School play, “Hairspray.” We should be thankful that our society isn’t as prejudiced today as it was when the play took place, 1962. And I’m really thankful for how well Loyda DeLaRosa played her part. She can sing! Everyone was good, but she was awesome.

The rumor is going that there is a birthday party for baby Sofia on Dec. 13. Now there is something real to be thankful for. Baby Sofia is a bit of a miracle baby and the best part of it is how happy her family (mom Reyna, dad Jaimie, and brother Angel) are to have her. Even if tremendous medical bills came with her. It is a soup party on the 13th from noon to 3 for Baby.

Just make a fun day of it: Noon go to Baby Sofia’s birthday party, go do some relaxed Christmas shopping at our Guymon retail stores, enjoy the 5:30 Christmas Parade on Main, and then go to the Guymon Community Theater Play at 7:00. What a great day!

Mama gave me a birthday card that reads, “Dare to just do what you do, be just who you are, and dance whenever you want.” I love the sentiment. And I love that I feel like dancing more days than I don’t. That is something to be thankful for every single day.

See you on the bricks.