On The Bricks

December 3, 2014

Randy Bane of Rolla, Kan., and his wife came and spoke to the Dementia Support Group one time. He is such a kind gentleman.

Today he came into the Main Street Guymon office and brought a poem he wanted to share with Dorothy Countryman. I think there are more people who should read it.

Looking each day
For the sun to shine.
But it seems that some 24 hours
Are not so fine.
At times I wear my feelings
As the old saying goes, “Right on the cuff”.
Making these days,
In plain speaking, somewhat rough.
Looking for the positives,
The many blessings that I do hold –
Would make life happier.
I should try not to fold.
But I miss those who are gone.
Some taken in an untimely way.
At times I yearn for the past so much,
It paints my world gray.
Always will miss them
With every beat of my heart.
But I must look to the future
Making each and every day a new start.
Thinking briefly about what might have been,
However, letting love show in many a situation,
Knowing that we are or were
Part of His great creation.
I will trust in God,
Having Him walk beside me as I carry my difficult load.
Knowing that He is my Savior,
Traveling with me every step of the road.
I cannot put memories behind;
Each is precious on its own.
But I will show that my love for God and others
Has continually grown.
Looking to the future –
Caring about what lies ahead,
Forever thankful that memory is such an important part of my life.
Enough has been said.
~Randy Bane, Dec. 2014

Wishing you a holiday season with good memories.

See you on the bricks!