News On The Bricks

February 1, 2021

          Starting your own business can be an intimidating endeavor. Any type of business, whether you’re providing a service or it’s a retail business, one that you have to have a building open to the public, one from home, or one that is industrial – there are a lot of things that you should consider before jumping in to such a project.

          Those who do plan well have a better chance of being successful. They also have a better chance of getting funded.

          The Main Street Guymon Business Development Committee would like to help those who have thoughts about being their own boss.

          Starting on March 23 they offer a workshop, one evening a week for four weeks, from 7 – 8:30 pm, that addresses aspects an entrepreneur might need to consider before opening shop. The workshop is geared for all types of business ideas and is open to all ages.

          “We built our workshop around one that has been done for the past 10 years in a Kansas community,” explains Main Street Director Melyn Johnson. “And their track rate on improving the new business success rate is very impressive. Our committee chairman for this project is Davin Winger, Dean of Business at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, and a farmer / rancher who ran his own successful business for many years before taking a dip into academia.”

          The workshop addresses types of businesses, legal, financing, permits and licenses, sales tax, start up costs, demand, target markets, location, insurance, e-commerce, promotion, bookkeeping, bank services, and management. The cost is $50 per business to register to attend and this fee allows up to two people per business to attend. The maximum for attendance is 15 people, so that each person / business idea can get specific attention.

          Area business owners and managers are going to be asked to address the topics that they have expertise and experience in doing.

          “It’s important to know,” explains Johnson, “that the workshop is open to high school students and up. According to the Kansas group, some of the most successful people to come out of their workshop are high school and college students who know that what they would like to do is own their own business. Often, they have ideas for services that are outside the realm of traditional services, but that the younger people are wanting.”

          For more information about becoming your own boss, contact Melyn Johnson at Main Street Guymon, 580-338-6246 or