On The Bricks

February 20, 2019

Last night was our Main Street Awards Banquet and the number of people who attended was astounding. The number of Guymon volunteers was exciting and humbling. The number of positive people in one room was stimulating. I loved it. This was a room filled with people who make the world a better place.

Those folks sitting at the tables brought this little story that I read about to mind.

“On a warm summer night, I was working at the local grocery store. That particular night there was a great deal of people shopping, and I was non-stop carrying out for the customers. I hated it. The temperature outside was well over 90, and all the workers were profusely sweating.

“When working at a grocery store, one learns to put on a fake smile and humor the customers who talk to them. Halfway through my shift, I was carrying out groceries for a very elderly woman. I went through the motions and asked, ‘How are you today?’.

“She proceeded to tell me about her day, and I nodded and agreed with everything she said though I wasn’t paying attention. She must have sensed that I was not paying attention and she stopped talking. I carefully placed her groceries in her old car, but just as I was about to leave, she said, ‘Thank you, young man. I really appreciate all of you who help an old lady like me. My husband died last year, and sometimes the only time I get to talk to someone is when I come here for groceries.’

“While I’d never really ‘seen’ my customers before, I realized there are rich, poor, clean, dirty, young, old, and all different races of people. They all have their own problems I know nothing about. The least I can do is truly care when I ask, ‘How are you today? or tell them, ‘Have a great rest of your day.’ I don’t know what kind of problems or issues customers are having, but I can do my part to make their day a little brighter.

“A significant contribution to society doesn’t have to be a cure to cancer, life – saving medical technology, or giving immense amounts of money to charity. Just being a decent person who cares about others can be significant. Opening a door for someone, volunteering in the community, or even just giving someone your time.

“The ultimate cure for a world with so many tragedies is a world with more decent people. People who care about others than themselves, people who are willing to help in the community, people who will raise their children to be good people. I am one of those people. I’ll raise my kids to be good people, I’ll be kind to everyone, and I’ll help in the community in any way I can. That way of living is a significant contribution to both society and the world.”

Pickle Creek last night was filled with just those type of people. I am blessed. Main Street Guymon is blessed. Our community is blessed.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of making this community better.

See you on the bricks!